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the game background doesn't load despite my phone being a redmi 12 and running wuwa pretty well,i expected more from this company but whateves hope they fix it in 1.1 otherwise byeeee
the asthetic is probably one of the more unique ones in gacha right alongside reverse 1999 the characters and story are incredibly fun,they do a pretty good job at making the world feel alive especially with the npc designs and social media feature, combat is simple which is fine by me since i don't play fighting games and my standards are "as long it looks cool and feels cool it's good" and zzz does that well,music is a banger as expected, character designs are some of the best that mihoyo has to offer and ui is scrumptious over all really great but suffers from optimization issues like all new big games nowadays.
Edit: I'm not really that mad at the performance issues since it's a free game, besides the background everything runs smoothly

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