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21 year old lesbian who has been playing rhythm games for 9 years </33 Instagram: @amberballistics
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21 year old lesbian who has been playing rhythm games for 9 years </33 Instagram: @amberballistics
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Sonic Dash


Wayyyy too addicting for it's own good, love the selection of zones and purchasable characters (Excalibur Sonic my beloved) gameplay is super fun, especially Emerald City, which sucks bc it's a limited Zone. I just wish there was more of a boss variety, Eggman and the Deadly Six themes are permanently engraved in my mind and I crave violence because of it

Still quite strange how this isn't available on QooApp but has a review option,,, oh well lmao
Still a fun game nonetheless, the amount of money I've spent on making my campsite into a forest utopia should be criminal. I love the character customization and thousands of gorgeous furniture and oufits that are in the game! In all, it looks incredible for a mobile game.
My only complaint would be that the fortune cookies and events have been pretty repetitive lately, they're mostly just reskins of existing items, and since it's Nintendo the monthly furniture has been getting more and more expensive as time goes by. I've never played New Horizons as I don't own a Switch, I much prefer New Leaf and Wild World, but it's unfortunate that a mobile game is getting better treatmemt than a mainline console game. Hope they start to add some more items from this game to NH soon, as we already get things from that on here. Love Scoot, Marcie and Meringue so much,,, my babies ♡

I started playing this game in 2014, and it's been one hell of a ride. Jumping from multiple devices so that I can still play has been frustrating lol but it's worth it Amazing songs and events, although as of recently the card art has been pretty lackluster. I still prefer SIF to All Stars by a long shot, the beatmaps are actually entertaining and don't make me fall asleep mid song. Hope I can reach a decade with this game, that would be an achievement to hold. Rin, Kanata and Hanamaru are the light of my life ♡

I got dragged into this hell mid 2015 and haven't been able to escape since. The songs, cards music videos and events made for the game are brilliant, and all of the characters are so fun and unique !! Wish they would collab with more animes that I know, but that's not a reason to give this game a bad rating ♡ Kanako and Airi are my favourite voiced girls!! Kurumi, Naho and Yasuha hold onto the trophy for my favourite unvoiced

This has been my favourite mobile rhythm game since launch and introduced me to what is now my all time biggest comfort anime, I'm going to miss this game so much and all of the amazing things that have come from it ): Not a single event, gacha, song, music video or plate was boring, and it filtered itself out from a lot of the other rhythm games I've played since 2014. Unique, cute and entertaining all in one package. It does suck that they've struggled with the music videos for so long, that being the main reason it's closing down, but I would happily take them never adding another MV just so the game could continue ): But thank you DeNA and Macross for making such an incredibly fun game ♡ I'll continue to love my angry, loud asexual icon Nekki Basara until the very end

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