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interesting, never played one like this🌚

Another needle in the haystack. Gotta love everything about it, from graphics to story, appart from being extremely slow to farm cash currency (we are talking about 2-6months here), overpriced cash currency and ridiculous ammounts of cash that is needed to SSS+ an S character.
That's about 50€ for 20 summons where pull rates are 0.6%.

Utopia: Origin


I've been looking for a game like this.
You can hunt/farm/kill mobs to craft your own things and make your own home. Somehow you require to be in a hearth to build your house tho, it's unfortunate.
Graphics are okay but you can see the lack of polish in it. Either way, i still recommend it.

Guardian Tales | Global


An absolute legend, the needle in the haystack of good games to play.
I only have 2 things that don't let me rate it 10/10 and that is:
The artificial difficulty since world 10. Mobs kill you faster than the boss (even if gear/char level are maxed).
The low drop rates for 3star characters. You farm enough for 100 summons and not a single 3star comes our way.

To be honest i got in for the 😏 but also because some characters got sort of mechs with them

Genshin Impact


Not worth my time to be honest, it simply becomes extremely boring to play after 5 minutes.

Overall, the characters are interesting but lacked the spice that keeps me going

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The chimera from FMA. #CreateAPokemon  Read Note
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