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life is the best gacha game
AkutPun 68973

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life is the best gacha game
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Project Babel


Yo! this game makes me feels want to play old game like ff series in ps1...[哇噻]

A turn based JRPG game that you won't consider coming from colopl [怪笑]. Graphics and 3D model looks superb and there's anime-like cutscene as you progress in the story.Go have a try yourself it's fun[開心]

Cocoro Sekai


yep, I've tried this game thx to qooapp sharing the news about upcoming 5quintuplet waifus collab (hanayome).

It is a japanese - english word quiz game that you'll find it difficult if you are new / can't read Japanese. The game isn't kind enough to give a furigana in the kanji, which are almost used everytime in a question/answer. if you are studying Japanese, this game could really help improve your Japanese / English vocabulary. they'll provide the correct answers for each question after clearing the stage.

Have fun playing and learning! [開心] (the ui really reminds me of crash fever)

Wonder Gravity


To make it short, this game is similar with ordinal strata and eternal linkage but i prefer this 1 basically because of the art character and the 3D models looks more balance and nice!
Nice touch from the devs, that gives us unlimited try of tutorial gacha (only 1 4*is obtainable there)and a 4*healer from present box and gems to pull batch gacha.
and more importantly, it has an auto mode and increased battle speed! [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

hope you get a good chara that you wanted! [開心]

it's a good real time fantasy tennis game, aside from the gacha n stuff. the gameplay is so unique and even have double to play with your friend or team (a.k.a guild or clan in other MMORPG game) have fun ! welcome to the Shironeko Tennis, シロテニへようこそ!

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is it just me or somebody also can't launch the game anymore after updating the apk (says hardware incompatible) ?? any1 can give me solution pls? thx in advance! Read Note
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