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Gacha is pretty giving from my point of view



The game is pretty good. Its fun to have many players to fight and the gacha is pretty good if you're only finding UR cards but the generate function is pretty helpful in building decks.

KartRider Rush+ | Global


The game is pretty fun but there are factors where paying literally gives a huge headstart for some players though the game still needs skills to win on it.

Candies 'n Curses


I really like this game though for me I am not very addicted to it but it is a very good game. The power ups and the pattern for bosses are easy to understand but the combos are hard to keep up in the early stages.

Hi! I have played the game for almost 2 weeks now. I may be very subjective since I will speak from my experience. It still has many error especially the crashing of the game. I have seen many reviews from the playstore giving it low stars due to its difficulty but from my experience I also thought of that but turns out I just missed the ways to enchance my EP, there are many ways to enchance EP: Upgrading equipments and evolving them, max leveling characters, Maxing the ability release of the characters being used along with the supports they are with, and upgrading skills. Also, perfecting each stage is a bit impossible depending on each player's characters but just finishing them is enough. You could always comeback to the stages you couldn't perfect but staying in a stage just because you couldn't perfect it will hinder you from getting more population which is a must. Staying stuck in a population also means getting stuck in a certain amount of EP so no need to be frustrated in each level. You could finish it after getting a certain amount of EP or character.

That's all I have to say since in the google playstore it had a maximum of 500 character, I had to write my tips here. This app is very convenient. I like it.

The controls were easier to use since I have been playing it in a psp. I think the graphics were more smooth in this game than the psp. I really missed this game since it's been years since I played and finished it.

Guardian Tales | Global


I have been only playing for 2 weeks but this game is really fun. Their gacha rates are also good for me, I was always unlucky in gacha games but this is the very first game that is very giving. The gameplay is very easy although in the later worlds the game would literally push some player to revive to finish it. The arena is a bit disturbing if you haven't got the best heroes for it and exclusive weapons for them but the levels of each heroes in the arena are always equal for both the opponent and yours. Getting the diamonds in the early part of the game is easy because of the collections. The game also gives diamond per day. It is a very fun and exciting game.

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