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I like music and rythm games
Buturuga 68607276

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I like music and rythm games
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comment when taken! :D Akito and Minori cards
Transfer ID : PSnTVyzYMGwDRxau
Password : AkitoMinoriAcc17
Luka and Airi cards
Transfer ID : dCmyTdJHQHEcbVnU
Password : LukaAiriAcc2929
Luka and Haruka cards
Transfer ID : LmXmGxYxLxSD4PXM
Password : LukaHarukaAcc182
Mafuyu limited card 
Transfer ID : RWjrP4AtQ6Lj3sJE
Password : MafuyuMyBeloved9
my luck on jp kinda died so now I reroll on en lol [鬼臉]
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