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Hello~ !
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Hello~ !
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I love Leo Tsukinaga

Tried it and it was good! The storyline was interesting (I mean it's Yokai = hot supernatural bois [開心]). It was fresh and I liked that there were different themes for the main story. The visuals were stunning and the each character is quite unique (Yura Stan

A3! | English


It's sad that there would be no more updates to the EN server. A3! EN introduced me to Mankai Company and I'm very grateful!! A3 became a huge part of my life. The show will always go on! Thank you A3! EN!

A3! | Japanese


One of the best games ever! Initially, I only played A3! out of curiosity. But I didn't expect to get hooked by the storyline, god-tier graphics, ikemen actors, and an eargasm VA's. When I saw that the EN server will stop updating, I was heartbroken 😞 I'm so attached to A3! that I never want the game to end. I haven't even seen Yuki's Walk the Runway and Tsumugi's Contract yet :< So here I am, migrating XD! These boys are all precious ❤️❤️

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Mr.Qoo Birthday Reward What we get for completing the EnStars mission for Mr. Qoo Birthday Celebration hehe. Subaru is truly shining [微笑]  Read Note
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