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I do sketches and other random posts here hehe [ Happy Spooktober Everyone!! ]
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I do sketches and other random posts here hehe [ Happy Spooktober Everyone!! ]
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Fishing Food


The characters were well drawn and were really cute! I love how their expressions change when they eat. After you hook them up the ocean, they may look cute on the outside but their dialogues are the opposite lol.

The sounds aren't exactly that pleasing but is good enough to fit in to the game. The thing that I had trouble with was how loud the sound of the coins were when you hook up the food (startled me many time actually). But other than that the sounds are pretty good.

The gameplay is pretty average although the added dialogues for the food makes it 10x better. They are well aware that they're inside a game and is used for revenue (which is a little dark but humorous). The concept of food eating their own kind makes it stand out from the rest of time waster games I played lol. There are some advertisements here and there but doesn't shove it down your face like most games. It is actually optional and if you did want to watch an ad, it does give you a reward so it seems fair to me. There are other mini games that you'll unlock after a certain level (merging food, level up, etc.) and they do add another level of enjoyment. It does get boring after a while but other than that I would say the gameplay is has it own twist and is pretty good.

The story line is actually really good. The foods are well aware that they're inside a game and is used for ad revenue since it is a free to play game after all so the creator has to find a way to atleast earn some money, which is understandable. The tower (minigame unlocked at a certain level) has a very interesting story line since the cat (our character) is fishing out rooms (crates) with food in them from the ocean to hopefully help with the pollution. And everytime that happens you unlock a dialogue between the cat and the food. All in all the storyline is actually pretty interesting and unique from other games I played.

The value is pretty good considering that the games is actually free to play and the developer(s) only rely on the ad revenue but doesn't force you to watch ads and instead integrates it to your gameplay through a reward system.

All in all this game is pretty good for what it is. Interesting concept and well executed. Would definitely recommend if you like games to play on the road or when you just want to waste time but still wanna make it enjoyable. (`・ω・´)

Stardew Valley


The very first time I played this game I immediately knew that it was worth money spent. The aesthetic, the customization, the bg music and even the cut scenes were phenomenal.

After playing for a while, I could definitely guarantee that the characters are lovable and unique in their own way. The character sprites were designed just leaves me at a loss for words. Absolutely gorgeous. The plot is well written, it is a mix of real life with a side of fantasy (which is great). Even the controls are user friendly. Also, it's pixelated! Who doesn't like pixel games?? Definitely not me.

The one absolute feature that I love about this game is that you can play it at your own pace. It doesn't stress you out with all of those "daily login" stuff and actually let's you take your time and endulge into the game.

All in all this game has been worth it. 10/10 would definitely recommend if you are into rpg, simulators, and management games. _(:3 」∠ )_

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New Sketchbook!! Finally bought another sketchbook after my previous one ran out of pages [大哭][大哭] It's not as good but it's decent enough to actually let me sketch lol. 
Oh and Imma start adding my signatures on my sketches!! I can't believe I actually forgot about it [難過][難過]
Anyways, here's my first sketch after buying another sketchbook! 
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