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Lineage W


Now i will Change my review and rate this one of the worst game for English speaking players, i have played a total of 2 server upto level 40 and 35 , and in both server if i chat in global after some time i got muted happened in both server. the game is decent but the game monitor are fking blind can't see whome to mute, there are literally bots in the chat spamming messages they don't mute them, they mute the English player. i am not going to play it again trash game moderator banning English speaking players. Do not recommend to English speaking players. if you chat to much in the global chat you will get muted. Thats unfair to mute. And the mute time not also small fking 7,30,90 days haha, i just uninstalled. Trash.

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i got muted anyone faced the issue, i got muted in the chat, it was working fine before but suddenly after i did donation in blood pledge my chat got muted. Not able to chat anywhere please help Read Note
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