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Just a gamer boi ;)
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Just a gamer boi ;)
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I like this game, but it's kinda hard and for me (a rage person), I can easily rage while playing it. But actually it's fun! [委屈]

Ninja Arashi 2


I already love this game so much even though I just started playing it! [色色] The storyline is quite cool, and not boring at all. For me it's the perfect amount of story, not too much. The visuals are VERY beautiful the backgrounds always got me. They're so aesthetic. And the sounds too! I really like the atmospheric sounds, and Arashi's voice is quite attractive too. I'm quite excited about to play this, because the first game was SOOO good and this is also very promising. I'll probably do an update when I played this out, haha.

UPDATE: I played it out woooohh. It was so much fun I really love this game! The boss fights were so fun (I rarely enjoy a boss fight like this [暈]) and the visuals are still really beautiful and pretty. I can't wait for the 4. chapter and I'm really interested what the "challenge" mode will bring. [微笑] I can just only recommend this game and I can't wait for the game to continue!

Ninja Arashi


I just started playing this game and so far it's my favourite! I really like the visuals. The backgrounds are so beautiful, and the sound is top tier too! [開心] Also it's easy to play but in the same time not so easy. If you're a person who rages easily, then good luck for this game, haha. [不滿] (pst I'm a gamer who rages easily lol)

Nice game! I like the graphics but sometimes it's laggy for me. It has a lot of mod, including mp and br so it's a 10/6 for me [委屈]

UPDATE: I got a new phone and so far the game is smooth. It takes quite a storage, but if you have like 128 GB you should be fine (personally it takes 8 GB for me with all the maps and high quality graphics). I'll change my rating from 6 to 10/8! [不滿]

Cool game! Nice graphics but the story isn't really interesting for me. The characters are also cool, so in overall it's a 7/10 [不滿]

Standoff 2


One of my all time favourite games. I really love this kind of multiplayer and those many options in the game. I recommend it to everyone who enjoy playing rpg games! [微笑]

I absolutely love this game! Nice graphics and sound, great events and cards and the anime was very good too! All time favourite! [哇噻]

Shadow Fight 2


I love it! I love the visuals, the different type of weapons and the difficulty of the game. Good pastime when it comes to boring minutes. [不滿]



It has beautiful visual and awesome voice lines. I really love the game, and recommend to everyone! [開心]

UPDATE: well I'm playing this game from a long time now so it's time to a longer rating.

first of all the graphics is still beautiful and the voicelines are still amazing! The storyline is good, but the game update is slow so if you already read the last chapter you have to a wait a long time for the next one. In this time there are little or bigger events but they're all the same so in the end they become boring.

the cards are really a piece of beauty, but getting them? if you don't spend money on the game it's a nightmare. Or not a nightmare but it's really hard. I know the developers need to get some money from the game, but getting invitations only by money or really, I repeat really hard work takes a lot of time and effort. I'm a college student and I merely have a little time playing this game so.. but in the end I can't just stop playing it because I have way too high level in the game (I'm on lvl 74) and I don't want to lose it.

so overall from lvl 70 the game without new chapters and with only a few events become a bit boring (for me at least).

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