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I play stuff
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Okay this game is real good!, ive been playing this for a year ig? after watching the anime... since this type of games is probably the only thing im into.... but it took my money lol, im broke now.[發困], I really wanted to get gentaro and level up my cards, the game sure gets very hard when you go to higher level, but thats what makes it challenging, ( ^_^ )/~~



I'm not much of a gamer or anything this is why this app is best for entertaining me( ・ิω・ิ)

I love to draw and do art, and this helped me for having inspiration since there is so many talented And Skilled artists who makes Digital art especially and I just admire them, really~:D

I say this is best for artist who's having art block, and Also the best when supporting them, Aswell as Mangaka's.
I really recommend this if you want to publish A doujinshi, own manga, Or Just share your art! using Pixiv Premium (Or even without it:D) because, You'll go across wonderful compliments and kind people too, and might aswell be the inspiration for new artists~!! ( ˘•ω•˘ ).oOஇ

Looking forward[開心]

Im not really the type to make reviews but Ive always like Visual novels especially BL! This game is impressive, As you play it, the game is pretty easy so far? Well, You can collect gems by watching ads, And you'd have free tickets to enter each episodes! Im also so into the Art style, very Handsome and beautiful Ikemen!・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ Aswell as the story line you'd get across the men and the typical BL romance happening to the MC Ryu( ~'ω')~

Looking forward for continuing playing this Game:D

Notes (3) More
Do you ever get happy  i mean, they were the first ones to greet me, i love this game:D Read Note
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