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Honestly I don't understand the gameplay, but all i can say is it's an social game which as stated in name... meet, chat, dress up, and play! i guess for me it's good enough to pass the time.

Honkai: Star Rail


man i never thought i would get addicted to turn-based game, MHY really dominated it. Also this game is f2p friendly, for obvious reason i didnt't spend a single cent on this game yet i can reach what whale can reach. Currently my seele is e0 has 2800+ attack with 120%+ crit dmg which honestly destroying every mob i run into.

definitely a big change! for me i think the graphics had changed the ui becomes easy to understand (but there's still some chinese words) but i really didn't pay attention to storyline sorry for that, but overall this is something i would still play for more than a week or maybe even a month.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT


download speed sucks, tho gameplay is simple and really similar to ragnarok labyrinth... they just put nft on it.. well anyway their download speed sucks, im using fast pc ( using ld player) and fast internet but can't even get to kb/s speed of download. just 300-550b/s. idk about the others. overall im not gonna run my ppc overnight just to play this ragnarok nft. other ragnarok is decent than this.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4


Another great find ngl although it's a dead game but there's still players playing, this game also quite f2p.



Another usual afk games with somewhat no anything unique about it. i've played many afk idle games and so far, most of them are same like graphics, gacha, gameplay, characters, idk anymore. but you know maybe for those who really liked afk games might find this good or decent game for them, well anyway it's still great for passing time.

i'll edit this review later after i played this game.

an also typical auto rpg game but somewhat good.

艾諾迪亞4 (Inotia 4)


great storyline and gameplay, I've already finished the game and i hoped there will be more games like these

Game of Dice


this game is actually great ngl i installed this 2 weeks ago, now im currently ranked at diamond in genius league, and they're really generous with ad rewards. (but they've had an ridiculously expensive stuff) and also the storyline is somewhat great. but overall pretty great monopoly game lol .

currently editing...

I don't have any problems regarding network issue when playing this game, the real problem here is the feeding teammates.

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Oh lookie here!! btw thanks everyone 
especially for those three.
Also... y'all still want some ecchi arts?
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