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Just wanted to download Dokkan JP and ended up making an account. Nice to meet you!
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Just wanted to download Dokkan JP and ended up making an account. Nice to meet you!
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Asphalt 9: Legends


good graphics and all but p2w, stages are short, and damn they really want you to watch ads

Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


jokes on yall i don't go outside i use pgsharp instead [不滿]

Honkai: Star Rail


See you all in April 26!! I will do anything just to get the goat 🐐👑🧴 if you know you know.

It's a turned based rpg so some people won't like it but I simply do not care, but the rates is uhh.. questionable, I did 3 multis on Hajiroboshi's banner and didn't get a single SSR [發困]. Still I recommend playing the game if you're just bored in general (like me).

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


The game's Frame Rate barely exists or is it just my phone having Honkai downloaded.. either way the has to much bugs and I can't play it properly.



Well well well.. looks who's here in mobile now. Tried out the PC version and it was fun only one thing that was holding off my fun was my shitty ass pc lagging every minute and it was irritating but now its on mobile. We can finally lay down in bed and play some ygo [開心]

Spotify Music


Genshin who? This shit slaps, literally cannot hate this masterpiece of a game. What a way to start of my 2022

Rocket League Sideswipe


Didn't expect it to be that good but when u get to a laggy match it's just pure chaos, anyways it has easy controls and it has some nice music (i guess) but very limited. Highly recommend this game.

can't open it because it needs vpn and im too lazy to even get one seems like i gotta wait for the global release

I remember playing this game just because i loved One Piece, it was super p2w but now it's somewhat f2p. It ain't a Bandai Namco game without us getting shafted.

Pokémon Masters EX


Pretty good game because I'm a huge pokemon fan and the gacha rates are acceptable but the stamina system ruined it for me once you ran out of stamina there's nothing left to do obviously, the gameplay is also starting to get boring if you're just gonna fight the same trainer over and over again.



Made a lot of friends here and met them mostly in anime games such as Your Bizzare Adventure, Anime Battle Arena and Blox Fruits.

Roblox TikTok and the Roblox Anime Community is probably the worst thing in Roblox right now, they flex their bf/gf and also their "deep" voices, most of them are cringe and the anime community just ruins good games because of controls?!?! but that's not the point of this review.

The fact that you can make your own game is kind of nice make your own unique avatar too, you honestly don't need robux to make your avatar cool being a bacon hair is good enough.

World Flipper | Global


Soundtracks are fire. I was having a blast while playing the game, even when I was downloading the resources and the game is easy to learn too.

BLEACH: Brave Souls


Easily one of the best mobile anime games out there.[色色][色色]



Lower your settings if you're going to play, you get huge fps drops even with default settings. Decent naruto game overall.

Downloaded this game because my friends were playing it and I don't regret it [開心][開心][開心]

BAMCO back at it again.. also too much loading screens [發火]

Making your own gunpla is cool and all but it doesn't really matter, you really just need the most powerful equipment you have and put it on your gunpla. Sometimes it looks horrendous and sometimes it looks cool, go give this game a shot but if your phone can't handle it then my condolences to you.

I remember the bad matchmaking of this game, I was at B+ League Rank while everyone had Roger, Oden etc. and everyone was one shotting me like it's no problem.

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