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Honkai: Star Rail




Short review: It's basically Neko Atsume (that cat collecting game and same Hit-Point Co.,Ltd. game) [哇噻] but with Hedgehogs with flowers [委屈] they're just there doing cute things AAA SO ADORABLE thank you for the Pinch options [哇噻]


Long review: The visual is just good and cute, the music's fine, everything's okay... I just think that the petals (either silver or gold), are both hard to get (the currency of the game), I don't know if it's just me or no as a F2P. [大哭] Even if you sell flowers that you harvested from the hedgehogs, the amount of silver petals you can receive are pretty stingy, although you can earn two gold petals for an ad, that might not be enough to buy your wanted items. [難過] The items and stuffs you can buy from the shop can be bought by either gold or silver petals but the silver amount ranges from 25s to 200+... It's not like I'm comparing it to Neko Atsume but I hope it can also have daily password, it's really helpful. Anything other than that, it's okay and CUTEEE [害羞], the visuals and the custom stuffs you can do to the hedgehogs, thank you for such a wonderful game! 🦔💐

HoneyWorks Premium Live


Paradox Tribe


I'm glad that Paradox Live has its own app now and we can finally get to know them more with the member updates, songs, and ParaLive news, especially the new unit teams… not just in Twitter and the sites!(๑•﹏•)

At first, I was sad that this app isn't available in my country but thank you QooApp providers![大哭]

お疲れ様!I'll always support ParaLive!I'm not particularly a BAE stan but for the other teams also, keep slaying and plant that W∆vin' FL∆g〜!パラライが大好き!あぁぁ (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ

Edit: Too late for this but THE ANIMEEEEE I'M EXCITED AAAAA 🫠


Obey Me! Shall we date?


Aight, here's my review as a F2P, level 140, lesson 80, broke player with 0 grimms.

The graphics are okay. The moving pictures are good except that they are just saying 2 to 3 lines... I find the chibis and the card illustrations pretty, 2D men real handsome and they have this Devilgram app in-game where you can see all the SSR, UR and UR+s. Just a shame that you can only stare on that "one" card that you didn't get because of your unlucky gacha.

The sounds are okay, I really don't have a lot of bg sounds unlocked and I have this particular melancholic sound I picked as my home screen bg— not much to be depressed about [難過] anyways, if I'll include the character songs, it's great.

The gacha is kind of hot and cold for me. I don't get my oshis if I want to, even if there's a ritual... but in unexpected moments, I get the other characters I don't like in UR and UR+s which is I don't know, lucky... but I feel pretty dissatisfied... [大哭]

URs are literally hard to get then there are UR+s... If you are F2P and you don't usually save up vouchers/dps, then you can only get SSR (or worse, none) and skill ups. There's this handy 99DPs Congratulations set worth 5 vouchers every time you level up and the 150DPs Solomon's sale worth 10 vouchers, these are pretty good deals so I make sure I had enough DPs to get them. Free 10x pulls cannot always guarantee you the card you want, but I'm sure it'll guarantee you a bad mood and dissatisfaction. Also, a single pull gives R/SRs most of the time. Not much of a good gacha system. [白眼]

The lessons are quite hard to clear after Lesson 20. And sometimes even if you use glow sticks, you cannot still clear them. That is why you need to level up cards by level and by Devil Tree. There's this new app named Akuber which can give you items guaranteed on which item you choose, unlike specific hard battles that'll only give you 1 to 2 in a 3 quick clear.

Another tip for that is even if you are 20K to 60K weaker than the opponent, you can still clear and pass the level, with only one star. I guess it's not important to have 3 stars, you can just go back to the past battles after your cards become stronger. As to not waste your APs and glow sticks in a battle where you think you're gonna lose, quickly exit the game (make sure it'd restart on the title page) and the battle will restart again. No matter how many exits, you have that one chance to clear it but make sure that you have the a strength between 20K to 60K.

The story line gets a little messed up in Lesson 15 to 20 with the sheep choking incident but fret not, the next lessons are pretty good too, given that you cleared the dance battles to read it [懵懂] My favorite part was the "ring" part, iykwim... that's the only thrilling part for me.

I just don't like how they diss Mammon and Levi, it's not funny. The Luke is a Chihuahua thing too isn't funny either. There is also this reset thing where in one lesson they be progressing and maturing, and in another, they're back to square one as if there's no character development, for example, Luci and Satan's relationship... The event plots too are quite boring, I don't read them anymore, it's always the Levi bought a cursed game or some repetitive shenanigans. I hope they really upgrade their plots and stories.

Speaking of the event, you don't have the time to save up because after 2 to 3 days that the event has finished, there's a new one again— and the Celestial Blessings lately, another gacha, which is like any other games' loot boxes but this is worse because the possibility of clearing boxes depends on the cheat card items which you can get in a gacha with no guarantee that you can get the event card (UR/UR+ and SSR sometimes cannot be the event SSR you're pining for) except pulling 100 times to get the guaranteed card pieces, unless you have an unexceptionable luck. [發怒]

I don't think I can disagree with my twt moots saying it's Celestial Curse instead... It's kind of unlucky and disadvantage to F2P players, there might be 2 days of boosting period excluding Cheat card amounts but you won't get pass box 2 to 3 or even one, worst case scenario... That's why I prefer the normal point rewards...

Despite all of those issues, I love Obey Me devs like they're always kind and giving players what they want I guess... I'm a Levi and Barbatos stan btw [害羞] and I really love the new characters especially Raphael and Thirteen, idk why 13 is getting hate, she's really pretty but anyways, have a good day. [哇噻]

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