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Usually with these ip games I feel like I'd rather watch or read the story instead (even when iI know it already, sometimes!), but not in this case. It's interesting and cinematic, and it feels a lot like watching an anime; fully voiced, too.

I'm on high-but-not-highest settings and my phone isn't burning, battery is doing fine.

I don't have the words to express my appreciation for the skip and dispatch mechanics, but some of the dailies are a bit too manual for my taste. If I can play for 20 minutes, I don't want it to be on a daily chore.

I'm trying to play without looking at the tier lists, but trying the characters from friends it looks like there's an evident bias.

Lower rarity characters seem to be usable though, and I'm raising and playing regular Asta. Actually, I ended up in a club of Asta fans who are doing the same, somehow. It's more difficult but not impossible, so far.

Reverse: 1999 | Global


Tis one of the few games that I've highly anticipated and didn't let me down.

I binged the story, luckily the power progression allowed that, and even binged the first event, even though it was very focused on a character that I didn't care too much about... Until the story made me care. 

The world and characters are gorgeous, almost f*lly voiced (even a large part of the event), with quality voice acting, quality art and animations; the translation at times isn't wor*ed very well, but nothing too serious. The main character is actually a character, not the typical amnesiac.
(sorry for the *s but Qooapp has issues with many words).

The gacha is generous and the shop has nice packs for low spenders.

The grind is similar to Arknights, in that you save the clear with the least moves and auto run it at a fast speed. It's good that you can run it once for up to 4x the rewards (and cost), but I hope it's enough because I'm totally done with the auto-farm thing in games.

The only thing I dislike is the (typical) event structure where you have to go through the whole story in order to be able to grind the event. It encourages rushing through it because you want to start the grind as early as possible. But I found the first event to be approachable because 1. it started on a Saturday (uhm I think), 2. simply going through it once I was able to get the most important items from the event shop.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods


It's a very nice game in a sea of money-grabby gachas.

There is gacha and it's unforgiving, but I don't see it as a game about gacha, where I'm at. What I mean is that I'm playing and I'm not caring at all about that mechanic.

It feels like playing an old rpg and it's very refreshing. Also fully and nicely voiced.

I'm not at the daily routine part of the game (will update), so I hope that I won't be walled by the daily grind, but I noticed that the monthly pack comes with skip tickets and it's good value for money.
EDIT: Unfortunately, "auto-raid tickets" are a paid item that give you the privilege to repeat stages automatically, not skip them.
And you're supposed to let the game grind for hours, to progress.

Dungeon Hunter 6


The game combines the classical hack and slash RPG to the modern mobile MMO and gacha, in that you choose your character out of 5/6 classes, fight like you would a hack and slash, but you have a team of NPCs that you get from the gacha and upgrade (rank progression by feeding duplicates), and there's no world to explore, it's mostly dungeons.

Some aspects I think are really cool (not sure how the feature is called, but I mounted an enemy at some point and controlled it for a while!), but others kind of make me wonder what I'm doing here.

I think you can turn auto progression off, but by default the game plays itself, making you run from one quest point to another, sometimes even starting two automatic tasks at a time that interrupt each other. Then you end up in a dungeon stage without doing anything, and you can play manually, or you can do what the flashing button tells you and let the game do the combat as well for you.

But you can choose to turn auto on or off, so in the end it's up to you. I wouldn't play for the story, though.

Shop has good options for low spenders, but there's some manipulative of*ers of the "pay and get full refund", "spend just one premium currency" kind. They're not too much in your face though, and I recommend the 2 dollars first purchase at least. Also I don't know what's up with spending summoning currency for guild donations.

I wanted to recommend the game to someone I know would like the genre, but I'm afraid the gacha monetization model is not for them.

The Italian language is very rare to find in mobile games, and is much appreciated!

Even though I'm not a fan of the popular tower defense gacha that we know, the gameplay is looking cool. I'm not very far into it, though (will update). For now, I like that KMFs are separate from pilots and expect this to make team composition more interesting.

I am unsure about inserting a character (us, the player) into the story. But I like that story is separated from story missions .

I did get a good roll on my second attempt and I'm going to give it a chance over the popular title that just came out.

Unfortunately, however, it doesn't look like they're trying to impress the global audience too much, what with the sloppy integration of the translated texts (they get cut in places), the unhappy decision to exclude certain markets (I would have spent a dime too, but the "item isn't available in my country"), and to go far and beyond with trying to prevent re-rolling (no guest account and even checking that you're not salting your email; you can delete your account, but there's a 7-day cool down during which you can change your mind; long unskippable tutorial before the re-roll 10x summon).

On top of a difficult reroll, the initial x10 summon is also not weighted, meaning you can get just your guaranteed 4* but you can also get more. I know some people appreciate this, but I'm not one of them.

Then, I'd say on average you get enough currency to go to pity in one of the first 2-3 banners as f2p, but not in this game. I haven't spent anything since the beginning, now we're 3 banners in and I'm half way to "first" pity (there's 2 levels; with 100 pulls you can get the on-banner 3* and with 200 the 4*).

I love the 2d art, and would have preferred just the old style 3d, since the more modern 3d style is more suited to a bigger screen and a more performant machine. It inevitably costs more resources and still looks ugly on mobile.

Even so, overall the performance is good and it doesn't take up an unreasonable amount of storage.

The music is as exceptional as ever.

Battles are looking very much like the original on the surface (but different), and the modern 3d models are growing on me. There's this attack/defense mechanic that was difficult for me to get into; you have to be quick to switch, and it's not what you normally expect from a turn based combat game. Or you can just play auto if that's your thing.

I think that the shop and passes are slightly more expensive than average, but there's a few good options for small spenders. 'Limit*d time offe*s' seems to be a trigger word for qooapp, and yes they are a model that feels a bit nasty to me.

The daily loop will be a time sink with no sweep or skip button, and the entire materia system based on stat rolls and constant synthesizing. I can only speak for myself, but it's 2023 and I'm not going to let my phone or emulator run auto farming. Especially on a game that turns it into a furnace.

I did notice a "consume 3x stamina to get 3x rewards in a single fight" option, but it only means that there's no hope for an introduction of a sweep feature.

Starry Sea Tycoon


The game is actually well made even though there wasn't a big investment on the assets.

It is the kind of idle "business" game where you click to fill the time while you wait for the resources to accumulate. Admittedly I didn't play very long, but I stopped when I realized that I was just following the "!" that were telling me the new improvement that I (?) had unlocked.

Kemono Friends:Kingdom


I know nothing about the anime or established title, but the game doesn't feel like I'm getting a washed down version of something.

All in all it's been a good experience so far, game is gorgeous and runs well on my phone. The quality of the assets is high and everyone and the story are fully voiced. I haven't encountered any bug either, even playing since launch, except the occasional missing translation.

I'm not usually a fan of Qooapp's account link model, but it wasn't an issue in this game. It's probably an issue if you want to reroll.

The store has some good deals for low spenders.

I have a few peeves even though the general picture is good.

The story is cute but feels pointless. Though I'm not very far along the adventure so maybe I'll be surprised. But so far it's 2 or 3 chapters of "well let's go ask in this other kingdom if they know who you are" (yeah sorry, spoiler).

I don't like the gacha model. You're encouraged to pull once everyday by daily mission and daily discount, but your're not really saving by doing this because it's depleting your resources for "the big banner", or the banner you actually care to pull. Same for the guaranteed 5 stars on your first 10 pulls on any banner; yeah it's good that it's guaranteed and I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it necessarily, but it does limit your hoarding. All of this looks generous on the surface, but it's really just trying to make you spend more.

I'm liking the game because it seems to reward team composition and make it possible to stray from the meta, but as a casual I'm finding it hard and can barely do the easiest difficulty of the most recent raid. Powering up my characters isn't helping me much either, and is also limited by player level, which depends on energy/time/money spent. Of course I don't expect or want it to be so easy that I can just go through it with no effort.

I don't like that the interface is all over the place. Main page is a mess with quest and rewards buttons spread all over, and you're made to look and click everywhere before you find what you're looking for. Also red dots all the time, some of which will never go away because you're not going to give them your phone number on top of your email. And the season pass page has loud annoying music.

I like the feature that allows players to review characters in game, but nobody actually writes anything useful, and being multi-language most of it is not even English. It needs some moderation to work in this context.

Aether Gazer | Global


Well, I played once, installed an update, couldn't login anymore for a few days.

I don't normally review a game that I don't like unless it's showstoppingly broken in some way, but I'll update the "hey it's broken" review since it exists.

My biggest issues with the game are:

- I can barely tell the girls apart from their portraits;
- I couldn't get into the story at all, it just felt like it was throwing names at me (though game breaking bugs will often ruin the initial immersion that is necessary to get into a new story for the first time);
- I can't believe that games are coming out in 2023 and having you click rewards for claiming one by one, and generally performing daily clicking tasks... I don't need a time waster.

Which is a pity because I had high-ish expectations, and because I liked the combat.

Blue Archive | Global


Blue Archive made several brilliant design decisions that most games don't have the courage to, yet look how well it all worked for this one.

This is the only game that I've been playing since launch with few hiccups, but I always come back because it's so high quality but light hearted. You can easily sweep through your dailies while you're having lunch but, you know what, you don't need to. You can usually get those resources through events, and they're more than enough if you're not too hardcore - the game is pretty casual anyway.

The story is separated from the battles, so you can unlock it by fighting when you feel like playing, and read it when you feel like reading.

The gacha is actually good in my opinion, not the most generous but one of the most forgiving, especially with the guaranteed mileage. Just keep a stash of 24k-ish gems and you'll have the unit that you want for sure. You even know what's coming, thanks to the JP foresight.

I don't like that not all units are usable. Maybe after you've been playing for years, you'll be able to make a strong team around a girl that you like, but beginning with a weak team will severely hold you back.

PvP is the worst part of the game, where the meta team wins. Even more of a reason to take it chill, maybe keep it as a second game.



Likeable characters and funny, story makes sense. I'm enjoying it so far. I like the use of amnesia in the story, unlike the usual protagonist who doesn't remember who he is.

I like the main characters and hope they're playable.

Quality graphics and audio, responsive, feels lightweight.

NOT an action game, not sure why they try to present it as such.

Selective summon, but limited selection. I like when the infinite summon includes 2-stars.

Good English dubbing but... English. (Yeah I'm a Japanese/Korean voice person). That said, I'm quite enjoying even the English voices, when they stay below a certain pitch.

3-star summon mileage at 200 summons, 1500 currency for 10 summons means 30k for guaranteed unit, but mileage doesn't carry over.

Receive all rewards with one click (should go without saying but...)

Can switch apps and lock phone, game doesn't crash!

Free welfare units.

Overall expensive but there's some very cheap options, battle pass is less expensive than other games. I'm going to spend a dime if the game doesn't turn out to be super grindy.

As for the negatives:

White flash after battles deserves a warning if you're playing at night.

Have to look up random friend names because the suggestion system doesn't work.

Dailies seem to take a lot of time, and I don't think there's sweeping. Also auto settings seem to be locked behind base upgrades... Just why? Let me enjoy the game ffs, I've already got my job and chores.
Overall I'm loving the game very much, but this is going to make me uninstall it very soon.

Also seeing the shards system awakened disturbing memories...

Demian Saga


Not too bad so far! It's definitely high quality in its category.

The initial gacha is generous with an infinite reroll for your first SSR character, two free copies of a healer, and a selector with role suggestions (but you can choose whatever you want).

Characters are collected through gacha or by farming their shards.

It's got several key quality of life features that I consider a must in any game nowadays, but almost none score very high in (except Demian Saga apparently): there's sweeping, collecting all rewards at once, auto progression for speeding through the story (if you don't care too much for it and just want to get it done), auto-equipping and unequipping. Even so, they're missing a toggle for automatic continue of text during story segments and a log of the conversation. I couldn't find a way to replay the story but I haven't looked yet. Also I wish I could upgrade heroes from the battle formation screen.

There's a bit too much going on in the main interface for my tastes, but I think it's still to reasonable levels especially considering I'm at the beginning. I'm talking about being distracted by all sorts of notifications when I'm in the main screen: all the red dots, rewards to be claimed from many different buttons (just give me a single "quest and events" button for god's sake ahah), new quests unlocked, new characters to view, and so on.

I like the story even if it's nothing fancy, or maybe because of it. It's not trying to be more than what it is, and it's holding my interest. I like the pirate theme and the characterizations.

The characters are pretty and I think they're all inspired by existing characters, from various mythologies but also other modern stories. I don't know if this game has an established lore however.

No challenge so far, but I'm not very far into it. The main focus seems to be growing a team with good synergies.

On a bad note, my phone locked while I was doing the tutorial because I was interrupted, and the game died. On restart, I had to start over and choose a different name because the one I had chosen was "taken" even if my progress was lost.

Limbus Company


I'm generally turned off by the splatter, but I don't mind in this game because it fits well in the world and in the (captivating) story. I was moved by the drama and felt for the characters.

The characters all have in-depth stories, though we've seen just a few so far, and all 'identities' have a mini-story for their universe.

The esthetics I think are subjective, but also that there's some undeniable attention to it, and quality. This is both for graphics and audio, including voice overs. Personally I find it very cool and perfectly representing the game ambience and mood. The fights look awesome, which is good because you want to look at what's happening if you want to learn the game - which you want to, but it's a kinda steep curve and the in-game documentation only helps to a point .

The gameplay is fun, I'm loving that you actually have to think. All characters are viable since team synergy is more important, though some of them are easier to use; but the game forces you to stray from the meta at times and I think it encourages using base identities. I know that the difficulty level was adjusted in the third chapter, but I don't know how and I wish that I had gotten to play it before that happened. Clearing the current story content was very intense. The final battle for me, who walked into it with just a bit of preparation, was emotionally in line with the story; I literally won with a lone surviving Sinclair and a bunch of hp. I had to retry several times but didn't get frustrated as I tend to, because it was challenging but not unfair, relying on skill and not having the rarest sinner (who knows that might have helped, but I had to dump mine to win).

The daily routine is now clearing an Exp and a Threads fight, and it should hold my interest until I beat all 10 on the highest difficulty, which has probably already happened for some, but is going to take me a while.

Updates with bug and balance fixes have been coming fast and steadily for now, but I'm looking forward to the next story.

Update: the questionable security update seems to have been toned down, with the check on your installed apps and debugging mode gone (haven't verified but it's in the patch notes, and I haven't heard anyone say it's not true). But I heard that you can't play on a rooted device still.

So the fact remains that occasionally the team comes up with ridiculous implementations, but as long as the community is active and complaining they will fix it.

Higan: Eruthyll | Global


Didn't vibe too well with me, unfortunately. Looks like a Girl Cafe Gun (which I loved and dropped with a heavy heart because it didn't have a sweep function) who's trying to be a bit of a Genshin and a bit of Blue Archive, hitting on all the meh to bad points, and missing the good.

Mostly the lack of a sweep function is a no-no for me. And time wasters like having to click on rewards one by one.

The rest is not so bad but also not so good in my opinion. I admit I haven't gotten very far in the story, but the first part is usually the most attractive, and it was very forgettable for me. It didn't inspire any emotion even though it tried, it was just too trite for me. I liked how it led to obtaining the character, though.

Gameplay seems kind of simple and very dependant on power level. I think that this design lends to create a set-in-stone meta where everyone uses the same few characters because they're just the ones who make the most sense.

I hate childish characters so that's a nope for me as well. It also probably colours my (negative) view of the voice acting. By the way, when I started the game, the ui made me choose "japanese voice + english text", but I had to go through the whole tutorial with english voice .

I gave a try to the best graphics settings and they were good, but made the game sluggish and difficult to control. I can't judge them fairly though, because, much like the characters and voices, they're a bit immature for my tastes.

Idol Planet


English input


I mean it's cool that there's a multi-language support; even if some text is untranslated, it can be fixed.

What broke the game for me was realizing that the girls didn't recover if I close the app. Recovering stress and fatigue takes forever, and I'm not about to keep the app running just for that. The only way around this that I've found is coffee, which is paid with money .

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