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the game is great but the value is terrible. it sucks cus some of the characters are so fine but you cant even get them cus it's impossible to get gems. there's hope you just have to be lucky (i mean it is a gacha game).

the community is really fun but like a lot of fandoms it does have a toxic side. its definitely best to just learn about the games story and characters before trying to interact with the fandom because there are a lot of mad 14 year old gatekeepers.

the prices suck and the fandom can suck BUT ITS SO ADDICTIVE OH MY GOD. all the characters are super lovable so for me i really dont mind who i get. the problems with the fandom is that most players are teenagers so theyre just naturally kinda stupid and toxic. another issue is because theyre mostly teens a lot of 14 year olds end up idolizing other 14 year olds just for making funny content/being good at the game which doesn't end well as you can imagine.

so yeah the game itself is fun if you dont care too much about collecting all the cards and the fandom is really nice and funny just dont end up on the bad side or idolize literal children (sounds obvious but its a genuine problem)

i feel like other people dont tend to touch on community issues with games so i just wanted to give my review. the actual songs and graphics are great though ofc or i wouldnt give it 4 stars

Cookie Run: Kingdom


story is good just not really a game that needs much plot imo (im pretty into the cookie run franchise though so i still read it lol)
good gacha rates and VERY easy to get gems for the gacha especially early game (got like 5 epics my first day playing)
cute characters with personality and queer rep (some cookies give me gender envy)
the prices in the gem shop are really high considering how easy it is to get gems BUT they do event deals all the time like theres literally constant deals so it doesnt really effect the value

so yeah fun game idk maybe im biased cus i like cookie run and theres literally no lgbt rep in other games (ESPECIALLY TRANS REP) but yk

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