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Echocalypse | Japanese


Chibi , unfun , p2w , multiple server -> Don't waste your time on this

ALICE Fiction



thats it transphobic bros , they got us this time

Soul Tide | Global


This game is a waste of time . What other said is true , beautiful game but boring as s

Alchemy Stars | Global


Very fun and relaxing puzzle game , try it as a side game when you tired of other competitive gacha's game
edit : did they delete inactive account because i just lost mine

Ah , discord , the best game where i groom minor to become bunch of retard . Highly recommended

Figure Fantasy | English


At first , i got hook by this game ad . The game have unique concept and look very fun to play , it's even have my favourite streamer sponsor it . But when i try the game , well , it's not that good and i quit after 6 day . Maybe it not for me ...
The graphics and sound is very good just like everyone have said . But the gameplay is so boring . PvP is not fun if you are not whale , to bring full potential of a figure , you need a lot of copy . Not to mention about the multiple server , i'm not a fan of this . To be fair i don't hate or love this game enough to find all the pros and cons of it , the game have it's charm but get boring very soon to me 😔

Epic Seven | Global


This is a highly competitive game , you will buy the pack , you will play RTA and you will love it like me .
Honest speaking , if you are not into PvP , the game is just like generic trash anime game you can find anywhere .

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