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Very cute game to play when you need too calm down from anxiety. (っ´ω`c)

The Sims™ Mobile


A game that is only meant to make people pay real money to get stuff.
Buy the PC version if you wanna play The Sims

MapleStory M (Global)


I didn't grew up with this game like others did, I would probably liked it if I was younger.

AION: Legions of War


I love Aion for PC, but this was complete opposite.

HP themed The Sims, couldn't enjoy it at all.

Very boring gameplay, pay to win.

Custom Cast


EDIT: It works now, 2019 March 31.
Well this is like a light pocket version of Custom Maid 3D 2, I rather play the original on PC with all my mods :)

Old comment:
The app didn't work for me, I use Xperia X compact.

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