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Fate Corridor


Graphic: It looks like created by sole illustrator called AI, fingers look fine tho. Some hates AI, but this is subjectively good.

Sound: Moaning sounds so dry, maybe AI did this part too. Hope I'm wrong.

Gameplay: With extra crafting management, this is better than mememori.

Storyline: 404

Value: There are many newbie & mission/accomplishment rewards.
Maybe it's better to upgrade SR charas first, except you're a whale.
You needs some shards to unlock new skills.

Edit: Upgrade whoever you want, because you can transfer one chara's exp, limit break & equipment to another one (inherit) very fast, free and no limit.

Soul Tide | Global


Graphic: Chara design looks elegant & cute, has both 2d illustration and l2d. There's no flashy skill effect.

Sound: Pretty good with kinda mysterious or tragic vibe in it. The story isn't fully voiced.

Gameplay: Roguelike-puzzle adventure & dating simulation are mashed together. Honestly, it's a creative gameplay, but the developer can't make it simpler especially in the skill description part (part of it is because of mistranslation), and the hints for dungeon & enemies are sometimes confusing, also the exploration & turn-based battle parts could take too much time.

Most of charas have alternative role & attribute (ex: lightning tank to ice dps, fire support to dark tank etc), sounds good for chara balance (and also because there's no rarity between the charas). There's also card equipment (verves) for stats boost & extra effect.

Healer is a must (well it's turn based after all, taking damage is a certain thing). Bad news is the free healer isn't that good because her healing is only for single target (her attacking set is far better).

Storyline: Dolls & I skipped most of it. Chara-ge VN type. The most interesting is the past story from doll/charas, it is presented like a silhouette opera (like 'Limbo' game) without text, but with some keywords and short explanation of the story.

Value: Very f2p, you can activate attribute banner whenever you want, only 50 summons pity, generous maintenance gift. This game is good for a chill casual player with its limited daily grind. Unlock the doll from gacha, then abyss rift :v

- Lewd art with VA
- No english (right is yes, left is no)
- Giant mecha girls with some furries
- Each character has a different strike range & zone
- Dupes is a must, for upgrading skill level
- Infinite reroll (quaranteed only 1 ssr), pick the bottom right button to reroll & left one to lock the result

S Heroine


Graphics: Potato 3d (kinda like Volzerk) with repetitive action. I like the 2d design, but yeah looking at the game screenshots is enough.

Sound: There's music & SE with no VA.

Gameplay: Idle farming (endless massacre) with stats, skill & equipment upgrading for further endless progress (like a, b, c to z or even zz CP level).

Story: Nothing, just kill, kill and kill.

Value: There's only an oppa language. They give about 30k gems for newbie, but I don't know how much it worth.

Blue Archive | Global


Graphic: No debate 😭😭😭😭😭.

Sound: It has various themes, but mostly with happy/comedic vibe.

Gameplay: Auto shooting chibi game, no manual movement and with slight control of skill usage. Every charas has a rich combination of environment speciality - attack type - armor type which are crucial for high difficulty quests. It has other features like idle cafe (stamina & money resources) and affection leveling (stats & unlocking l2d). Swipe method is very generous, no ticket only stamina.

Storyline: About sensei & his students' school life. Besides main story, every chara has their own story which makes the relationship & plot map pretty solid.

Value: Gacha has 200 points pity/spark that will reset for every banner change which is horrible, but that won't be a progress wall because low rarity charas are upgradable and in fact usable.

You need many dupe shards for increasing chara's star/rarity level (with unique weapon bonus at *5). With efficient farming, shop checking & planned gacha, you can raise all charas you have to the max potential. Slow but sure.

Update: I'm new player, but already slapped with a terrible gacha rate :v

Zold:out | Global


Graphic: Chara & chibi designs are good. It gives an old RPG vibe.

Sound: Mostly medieval theme and a very chill one. There are VAs too.

Gameplay: It's tactical, but somehow tiring until you unlock auto-mode after completing chapter 2 (but auto-mode AI is pretty bad especially for mage class and AI also can move your charas to the dangerous/targeted area like a champ).

There are too many things to focus on, like your chara lv, chara skill, weapon cards & its grade.
Fvck arena, it takes too much time.

Storyline: About shota dwarf(!?) & his companions. It's not about your self-insert.

Value: Gem free resources are likely not abundant. It's better if you do chara multi summon instead of single one (multi summon saves 200 gems). Plus with weapon card gacha which actually could be a game changer.

Too many loadings and dupes are very important (increase stats & give unique weapon card access) which is bad for f2p. With limited swipe tickets, your farming must be hectic.

It supports english language now.

Graphics: Full 3d with chibi stickers. Very smooth.

Sound: It's not fully voiced. I'm still not far enough, so the thing I heard is only chill and peaceful village bgm.

Gameplay: It's a real time action (hack&slash) with exploration (in small scale) feature where you play as a party of monster riders. There are rider classes based on their weapon (fencer, warrior, lancer and mage, which all have different attack pattern) combined with the elements (fire, water, wind, electric and non-elemental).

Storyline: It's about adventure of Feena (monster-loving freak) and friends to find Volzerk's (the dragon in prologue) light fragments.

Value: There's no gacha. You can directly buy the charas using real money. The best is you can choose one *4 chara (highest rarity) for FREE. Meanwhile, for the monster collecting, it's mostly from the story and quest.

Edit: Reached chapter 2 and honestly it's tiring (I'm not into an open world gameplay btw). Maybe I'll be back in case they made chara/monster who has auto-tracking ultra range beam skill and can explore map at the mach speed.



Graphic: Chara designs are surprisingly good, with adorable sd form.

Sound: It has VAs, but I barely hear the music.

Gameplay: Build, upgrade and merge everything nonstop. It's a management game.

Storyline: With the 'z' title, it means a post-apocalyptic world story with mecha hybrid thing. But still no story, only touchy touchy interaction with the waifu.

Value: Many freebies, but the amount maybe will be insignificant if you are already in high level.

Graphics: It sounds rude, but some of the designs look off. When it's a waifu game, company should supervise the chara designs more carefully.

Sound: I barely can hear the bgm, but it has full voice acting for every chara at least.

Gameplay: Imo, chibi battle is better than a moving miniature body this game has. You can't control any skills, all is automated and rng-based.

Storyline: I don't know. Maybe there are girls and there are dragons (feel free to imagine it).

Value: There are many freebies and you can reroll fast enough with quest account.

Moon Rabbit Raising


This game supports english language.

Graphics: It has a cute art, but most of the time it's in chibi mode.

Sound: There's voiced character, especially when using skills.

Gameplay: It's all about leveling & upgrading. UI is good, you can explore all of menus without loading (kinda all in one page, except when moving to other stage/dungeon). Everything you got will give permanent effects even if it isn't equipped.

It's an all auto, but you also can play it manually (move the chara & activate skills).

Story: My homeland was being attacked, so I must fight back. In summary, no story.

Value: There's no urgency to whale and you can remove all ads for reward permanently with cheap price. Don't forget to check the shop everyday.

Neural Cloud | English


It's from the same family of arknight & alchemy stars.
Unfortunately, my neuron isn't activated.

Graphic: Chara design is pretty good with adorable sd/chibi version. There is nearly no fanservice, so it's for the intellectual instead of cultured one.
*Edit: some charas from ultilife are very cultured. Tasty

Icon (chara & effect/buff) is so small for smartphone version. There are too many description words plus the small font, so the UI related things need so much improvement especially the usage of icon language (instead of word explanation), 'imagine the player must read the buff cards description for every stage'

Sound: VA is good & music genre is kinda like space sci-fi or sus labs

Gameplay: It's a strategy game where you need to pick the optimal buffs (rng based) for your party along the stages, yeah it is roquelike. Also there are chara skills and tactical things, all with cooldown. Battle starts with pre-positioning deployment of your chara units. In summary, it has a bunch of tactical features you must learn.
*It's nikke, but only the simulation part*

Storyline: Send your brain to cloud

Value: It has free chara selector which needs to be claimed with some currencies that you can collect by accomplishing the missions.

2 days and it's painful.

This game is like a bunch of raw elements which are mashed together and become a mess.

Some minutes in tutorial & I feel like being tortured.

Graphic: Superb & sexy. Great for horny players.

Sound: Japanese VAs are mostly famous (dunno with korean, etc). Music is good, with many action themes.

Gameplay: Immobile TPS type. With potrait orientation in smartphone, the sight is so limited, and the control which player must swipe first to initiate attack is kinda difficult.
(Wonder why it's not using gyrocontrol or direct tap).

Storyline: First thing that comes to my mind is Eighty Six anime, but android sexy girls vs rapture (legion).
Do you know, their anorganic body is more resilient than the organic one, so it's better for brutal....
And remember when commander says that rapi's head is heavy, it means that overall nikke is heavier than human, omg death by snusnu.

Value: The gacha has (unreliable) wishlist feature and no pity. Always check for daily shop. Without enough dupes, your team level will be stuck.

It's enjoyable despite all of the bugs & other problems.

Echocalypse | Japanese


Tutorial is still too long.
Lazy gameplay, but still need a chara placement strategy.
Bet that their main revenue is from skin/costume.

Rum's Spring & Dungeon


Illustration is good & distinctive. Gameplay is an idle type where the exp is growing by time based on strawman level. Story is only a prologue.

Gem/rainbow free resources are not many, but at least you can do one summon from daily rainbow claim in shop, and the pity count always will be carried over.

Memento Mori


Graphics: It has an old rpg vibe, but with the modern moe chara design. I can say that the artwork could be enjoyed also by non-weeb players.

Sound: Like the developer intended, music & the voice acting are the main sale points.

Gameplay: It's an idle game, don't expect too much. But, the battle animation is beautiful. It's truly idle, you can fight & claim everything very fast.

Storyline: It's about journey to cleanse the cursed areas & girls/witches' tragic story.

Value: You can't deploy dupes in the party, the dupes are for extra stats boost & increase level limit for chara. Don't forget to check the shop. Gacha will grant you more power randomly, because the rate has an unmeasurable probability.

Tips: If you go f2p, don't waste your gems for chara gacha (maybe 3k only for first quaranteed sr chara in cursed banner), use it instead for discount pack in 'fes release mission' part.

Grimlight | Global


There's nothing wrong with this game, except for how the dev making a further content which is grinding hell with minimum reward.

Graphics: I love the chara design which are beautiful and elegant, chibi is also adorable. So many white/gray/silver haired girls, very satisfying.

Sound: Music fits the theme well. Dub is in Korean language, something fresh for my ears.

Gameplay: There is tiles and lanes deployment strategy with wave battle system, but it is simple. You can't deploy all of the units you have because there's cost limitation. It has wipeout stamina/key, but you must do one battle at least.

Story: Journey with the crystal girls to beat dreamless mobs and the dominions. Charas are based on the fairy tales.

Value: Dunno, pity is until 100x summon but will be reset for every banner change. There're another shard currency things for gacha beside gem. Always check shop at resources and marketplace section. You can unlock every skins from charas you have by collecting guild points everyday.

Arcana Tactics


Graphics: Chara illustrations are good, anime style & there are also male chara, spirit etc (not only female).

Sound: Music are enjoyable, but no VA.

Gameplay: The battle concept is very interesting, there's no wasted charas, because you must choose & fuse heroes carefully when progressing for every phase. The appeared heroes are based on rng (but you can also refresh it). If you want to be a good player, then you must memorize the fusion chart, classes, attributes and also items. Very tactical indeed. There's an auto battle, which is pretty useless.

Storyline: Story for the sake of RPG story, gather companions, stop evil & save the world. Basically, it's nowhere exist.

Value: There's gacha, hero/chara gacha to unlock the heroes so that you can fuse/evolve to them (or direct usage in quest), also dupes is useful for raising the specific hero's level & stats. Then, arcana gacha to get card (major & minor) for additional buffs. Relic gacha to get equipment for extra stats. Get wipeout tickets as many as you can. Daily shop is a great help.

The gameplay concept is great, but also tiring & take much time.

Graphics: Top quality. Artwork is nice, cute & sexy. There are live2d & sd form/chibi with good quality. Honestly, the chibi animation in story page is just so.......cute.

Sound: I don't know the name, but it's chinese kingdom~poi. Story page bgm is catchy. VAs are the famous ones.

Gameplay: No battle animation, only description text, but it can be skipped. Basically unlock, enhance & upgrade everything for higher CP, but still higher CP doesn't mean 100% win.
Tap every unlocked chara to find their treasure (which can give additional effect after you activate it in the mansion) & also find doodoo.

Storyline: Player got china. Charas are based on three kingdoms ~female version.

Value: No need for dupes, but you must collect certain amount of (specific) shard to unlock (specific) chara. Some charas can be obtained from story & quest. Horniful journey for chara collecting surely will be long for f2p, but at least you can peek at the locked charas. VIP system is strong on this one.

Clash Of Sky丨English


Graphics: Pretty nice, some designs are like that r18 steam games. Animation is smooth (for l2d & sd form), except for that starfall gacha animation, it's like lacking of inbetween frames.

Sound: I hardly hear anything, but at least it has sound & attacking voice

Gameplay: It has AP consumption, so at least you must slighty think about party composition (every unit has different AP consumption). HP stat from every party unit is basically summed as 'one' party HP so it's no matter whomever unit get attacked (meanwhile, attack stat works per unit). It has an auto-battle system anyway. You also can enhance overall party stat with equipment & potential stone.

Storyline: Dunno, everyone is a pilot. Sky adventurers likely.

Value: There are many newbie gift. No reroll. Unit rarity isn't that significant, because stat of low rarity unit with high bond level can even outclass ssr unit with low bond level (you can increase bond level by using exact unit dupes).

Man, unit slots always full with exp fodders.

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