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Anyone who is here for collabs is eating VERY well.

Behind You!!


It's exactly what it looks like



Eazy to pick up. Amazing replay value. The game gives you gimmicks and resources to manage, very fun. Until you reach the 3rd portal guardian and rage at the game.

Soul Knight | Global


great gameplay.
great music.
half the characters are locked behind a paywall but that's fine because the knight is secretly OP with chaotic strike.
also, they added a gamemode that is somewhat like a story mode.

I got this game years ago when someone noticed I didn't have any games and typed in the URL to download the Qoo app just for PAD. the game was in japanese and I didn't understand any skill descriptions, but still had fun. Now that I know what is going on in the game, I realize how grindy this game is and how garbage my old account's team was (I used evolution materials on my team because they were cool looking). The game is fun, but to get good you need gatcha luck, no other way. HP multipliers and damage reduction or die, and have a way around enemies that literally cancel your damage or wait 99 turns. But as soon as you roll a good team, you are set to beat most dungeons in the game. Fun, but be prepared to grind for a good team is what I'm saying.

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