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Do we need to break this loop? We need QooApp to download QooApp... If theres no QooApp How are we here?



I dont do TikTok but its a great way to pass time... But I more likely to use YouTube shorts.



Smash Bros on Mobile...

im bad at pvp but if you're good at tactics and strategies, you might like this game🎮

Well almost all of us know Vocaloid or Hatsune Miko... and she sings a song, basically a rhythm game... if you love rhythm games I think youll be having fun playing this...

Blue Archive | Global


Another gacha based game to make the best team to fight some Terrorist, Robots and others... and yes they're cute and you can make your bond stronger... overall its a decent game.

Revived Witch | English


Rpg game about a witch that has a army of dolls...
You need to summon the dolls to have them accompany you and fight some monsters on your adventure... and yes another GACHA... theyre cute though specially Afallen [開心]

Rhythm game Gacha... with cute girls .
I love rhythm games and gacha... and this is one of the most recommended rhythm game in the community and they didnt let us down...



more like among us but modded... dont be so sussy or youll be lynched/voted out

The game has 3 different sides...
Mafioso, Neutral, civilians...

youll get some random role when you start.



Really unique gameplay that im not familiar with and I downloaded it because I cant find any other Rhythm Games...



a lonely Deemo "that looks like slender man (but not scary)" with a kid that fell on to a trapdoor... and you need to play the piano to grow the tree, "that doesn't make sense" after the tree is tall enough the little kid can get out...

You can watch your favorite streamers.....

I dont have friends on these app please recommend me a community full of fun and games...

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


Its good but if terms to gameplay ummm... it depends on how difficult your trying to clear a song and the storyline watch the anime D4DJ First Mix that is a Happy Around perspective...

Its a Warzone on mobile and an Action Type of game and that means skill is needed for this game and Tactics too...

A Dance of Fire and Ice


I love it because im a Rhythm Games Type of person and there is a story behind the last stage "not the more music"

Genshin Impact


Nice Graphics, perfect characters, good gameplay and best story feels like an anime and the best part ITS FREE!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


5v5 moba game I guess, Its an Action based game that the players are full of bad mouth, solos, feeding and etc..

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Lumine and Paimon are so cute. Twitter: @Shirona_775 Read Note
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