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Tales Noir


played this game when it just released. while it certainly has its flaws, overall it was a pretty enjoyable experience. looking forward to returning to this story once more, I hope it improved upon things that weren't so great

really fun game with good story
even if I'm absolutely terrible at rhythm games

Beautiful characters with really interesting personalities and interactions, great story, gender-neutral protagonist, a lot of hints at pretty dark stuff (which, obviously, won't ever get addressed fully, since the game has a low age requirement... but the hints are there, so the fantasy can go wild)... I feel like this is a perfect game for me, honestly. I'm not the type to care for looks of characters, but it's incredibly easy for me to fall in love with a good tragedy, and literally everyone here has some sort of trauma. None of them are okay, and I love playing this therapist simulator and see them slowly getting better, and watching the unexpected cute relationships between the boys is always fun.

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