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GOETIAX | Japanese


Very fun idle game that could be played on the browser, love the character designs and music.

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese


The game is great but there isnt English translation so Id say stay away from it unless you speak Japanese.
This is a very story focused game
like Princess Connect.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Very nice auto battler, super cute and f2p friendly, hope there will be an English version soon.

A super casual game with top notch anime style graphics, there isnt any in depth gameplay but the game is worth it for its interesting characters and stories, it is also very f2p friendly.

The game is more like a visual novel/anime tbh, gameplay is a dumbed down version of Valkyrie Connect and is pretty boring, it really is the outstanding artworks, stories, and character designs that keep the game alive.

Lost Archive


This game IMO is a must play if you're into card games.

In-depth gameplay means theres a lot to learn, the graphics are good and the balance is alright.
The downside to this game is it's too hard to obtain Legend rares, the gacha rate is 1%(my feeling is that its lower than 1%....), and Legends are so powerful and imbalanced esp. the red ones .

I regret not re-rollong more before I dove into this game. Now I cant really start over since I already spent money on cardback and avatar.

My Hero Academia


The graphics are pretty good but boring gameplay, gacha dose not have Allmight which sucks.

Better spend your time elsewhere.



Cant play this it saids something about the timexone.

Kakuriyo Oboro


Must play!

Gogogo! Its finally out!

Tales of Wind


Nice game but the English voice over is killing me.

Gothic wa Mahou Otome



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