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well, i have been playing re zero lost in memories this year and it was pretty good to play (for re zero weebs[怪笑]) and uhm...oh yea the gacha..

they have amazing cards!! i have like 10+ 3* cards its very useful depending on ur damage(lol my grammar is so broken) and the support cards...they are amazing too!!

afterall this game is not so bad! i rate it 8/10 very good gameplay and graphics[開心]

welp bandori is my fav rhythem anime game now. i stan kasumi,saya and sayo the most. the gameplay is awsome!! the charater designs are very cooler than i thought, i would recommend to those who want to play anime rhythem games. the storyline is good they have those emotions to make the player more entertaining and yea the collaborations are good too. [哇噻]

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asahina mafuyu + project sekai #2021TopAnimeCharacterAward  Read Note
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