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Hello World!
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Honkai: Star Rail


The latest entry in Hoyoverse's lineup of games. If you've played Genshin Impact you'll feel right at home with HSR as a lot of the UI elements and overall systems are very similar if not direct copies from Genshin. The biggest difference is this has a turn-based battling system and instanced overworld exploration, meaning you have maps kind of like dungeons split into different areas. If you're into the Persona series of RPGs I think you'll enjoy HSR, and even if you've never played a turn-based RPG this game is a good introduction to the genre. The character designs, visuals and music are top notch, and the writing in HSR are full of references and Easter eggs that are very enjoyable to read, with a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit. I can't wait to see what kind of future updates and possible events we're going to get with this game in the coming months. Bronya/Seele OTP!

Very cute character designs!

Game seems fine!

Date A Live has really cute characters and voice acting!

MapleStory M | Global


If you liked MapleStory growing up you'll probably like this too!

Hmm, interesting reviews about this game.

Game is interesting. Maybe I will play more of it later.



If you play the Granblue Fantasy (GBF) mobile game, this is the mobile web browser/platform to play on. Game runs smoothly without too much lag. You can set up custom notifications to remind you which raids you still need to do before each daily reset and you can set custom shortcuts to make navigating through web pages like a regular browser a breeze. Playing GBF through SkyLeap also gives you bonus points in the game's SkyLeap Shop to trade for lots of useful materials like rupie and CP. The only bad thing about this browser is it is Japanese only, so it would be nice if it supported other popular languages like English, etc. If you haven't tried GBF on Skyleap yet, I highly recommend it!

This is the original mobile rhythm game released for the IDOLM@STER franchise that eventually spawned many successors to it like Million Live: Theater Days and Shiny Colors. Cinderella Girls is still good to this day since its release several years ago and has added many quality-of-life features as well as increasing difficulty in its charts to challenge even the most seasoned of rhythm gamers. The game continues to put out nice new songs and units and even does covers of other popular songs from time to time. The outfit designs for idols new and old in this game are consistently at a high quality and new skills are added to the cards to keep the scoring ranking meta for Events interesting. Overall Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage is a solid and fun rhythm game to always come back to. Mika, Rin, Minami, Karen and Ranko represent!

Virtual Girlfriend


If you like qp:flapper art, then you'll love Girl Friend Beta. The game plays sort like a dating sim where you can collect beautiful cards of many cute anime girl characters but the gameplay can get repetitive quickly because most of it is just clicking with no real interaction with other players. The game's characters are voiced by high profile Japanese voice actresses though, so if you're into that you might be able to connect with the characters more. A nice chill game.

Granblue Fantasy


Granblue Fantasy has to be one of those games where, due to its unique circumstances, was able to thrive with a very dedicated fanbase of gamers who were looking for a more classic RPG experience in modern mobile gaming. Even though it has no official app version released in English for global audiences, it does not need one, as the game basically supports both its native Japanese language and English with a very good localization. This allows all players to play on a single server and community, so to speak, unlike a lot of other games that have multiple versions for different regions which ends up splitting its audience. This gives Granblue Fantasy an edge unlike any other, and is why it has a very dedicated fanbase with excellent information on the game's mechanics on a very updated English wiki for global audiences. The characters, story and music are all top notch, and the game features collaboration Events from many other popular franchises like Idolmaster, the Tales of series, Persona, and most recently, Gintama and Doraemon. If you like turn-based RPG battles then you will probably like Granblue Fantasy. The one major weakness of this game, however, is it is a very grindy game. A lot of the fun in this game is towards the mid to end game when you have powerful characters and weapon grids built so a lot of the grind is more bearable. However progression in this game feels pretty rewarding, so if you're looking for something that you can spend and invest a lot of time in, give Granblue Fantasy a try.

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact has been one of my favourite games to play upon its release for the past year. I immediately fell in love with the character designs, the immersive open world exploration with tons of quests and treasure to find at every corner, and the amazing background music that really fits each location. The only major problem with this game is once you're done with everything, there's really no endgame or objective to continue striving for to keep your interest. Unlike most other mobile gacha games where time-limited Events give you the game's stamina or energy resource so you can play more, Genshin Impact does not do that for some odd reason, so you run out of the game's stamina system, resin, very quickly and are unable to farm more when this is the only thing to do at endgame. This makes players less likely to want to play the game unless you are willing to pay real currency to get extra resin refreshes every day. Some of the game's Events are also boring and just feel uninspired and like filler before the next major patch update. All in all, Genshin Impact is an amazing experience with tons of things to do at the outset and one of those rare games that you can fully enjoy between the mobile and PC platforms, but don't expect to play this as a full-time main game like other games. Just kick back and slowly enjoy what each version update has to offer.

If you loved the original iDOLM@STER games on console then you'll probably love this latest entry in the series inspired by all the other popular mobile rhythm games out there. This game not only features the original 13 idols from 765 Productions but also includes all the idols from the original Million Live mobile game plus 2 new idols. There are plenty of classic and new songs added every month with Events going on at all times, meaning you should never run out of things to do as the game gives you a generous amount of free stamina to continuously play the game at a decent pace. The idol models can look a bit too simplistic and overly 2D at times, but the game's strength in the wide variety of outfits that each idol can change into makes customization and the lives all the more dazzling. Each of the idols also have their unique personalities, quirks and backstories that will really grow on you over time. Overall, The iDOLM@STER Million Live!: Theater Days is a solid mobile music-based rhythm game that competes well with the best of them out there. Miki, Hibiki and Kotoha are my "tantou" idols and I hope you can find your favourite(s) as well! ( ^ω^)

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