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Arknights | English


Another game of all time, Arknights! man it's been like 4 years, i remember stopping for like 2 years since i didn't even try. And than until a year ago when the ling banner came out, I just start playing it. I had a very weird progression of the game tbh.

Anyways, Arknights, a unique anime tower defense gacha with lots of twists. Gameplay wise, it's fun and difficult and you simply just place towers. Like most tower defense games you'd usually place things on the side of the lane, but in Arknights you get to place things on top of the lane, there's also an automatic dp cost regenerator. Now as i mentioned, this game is difficult for a couple reasons. When playing a stage of your choice you have 12 options of no matter what tower or character you choose, There are 7 classes in total, all of them have a role to fill. Vanguards recover dp cost so you can deploy more towers, Guards are typically your main dps, Defenders which are self explanatory, they defend, and usually have the highest block count, Specialists they take care of enemies tactically, Rangers they deal with flying enemies, they can also be your sub dps, Casters are usually main to sub dps depending on your units in the team, Supporters they debuff enemies, and Medics which is also self explanatory, they heal. In each stage, all the 12 units can be used only once, but they are recycleable if you want to place them in a different spot, so if you're tackling a more difficult stage like annihilation, you have to be selective of who you want in your team and plan out how you're going to beat this stage with absolutely no leaks. Use the map to your advantage.

Now for the story... I didnt read it 😀.

Now for the gacha, it's definitely f2p friendly. There are 2 types of currency for it, you have Orundum which is the main use for the gacha, and Originum which is typically a resource that can used to convert into orundum, but it also has other uses like buying skins which you want to save it for, and to regenerate your stamina which you really do not want to do a lot but that's more situational, still i do not reccomend it to use it for brain power. for Orundum, there's 2 ways, obviously converting an Originum for 160 orundum, or doing the annhilation stages which the cap max is at 1800, of course the annihilation resets every week, so for each month that's a total of 7200 orundum, which only give you like 1 ten pull 😔. Still it's completely fine! And for Originum, you get them by completing stages with a full 3 stars, and I think you can also get them from events? Still it's a little bit of a rare resource to come by at endgame, but if you are a new player, there are tons of content with plenty of Originum to get so you'll be fine.

There are also content that is pretty fun like designing your dorms in your base, playing that april fools event that comes once a year (you also get Originum from it!), collabs that I feel like are rare to come by with the recent Monster Hunter collab, that one summer event last year where you could create and customize your own armored vehicle that can damage enemies, and event stages that have their own unique tweak to it which gives more of a challenge to players, there is still more content like game modes but that's enough yapping for now đŸ—Ŗī¸.

Overall simply just a unique classic tower defense game with many loveable characters. With so much content to go through and so much that new players can experience the vastness of this game, truly one of the games of all time [開åŋƒ].

Guardian Tales | Global


One of the gacha games of all time. If you remember Dungeon Link, you'll definitetly recognize some of the characters in this game. The story is amazing. From world 1 to 9, everything seems to be completely fine for the journey, yet it takes a pretty dark turn of events once you get to world 10 and so on, kind of like a wolf in sheep's clothing. The gameplay is actually fun, you can destroy things, figure out puzzles by yourself, fight others online, and hit NPCs in the guild lol. You also have the typical resource dungeons, some of them having unique stages, and tons of content to strive through, including events stages which are archived in the side story section. You also have the gacha. For the gacha currency itself, the game is very generous to give to, but in my experiences, even if you have a lot of this currency, you're most unlikely to get the specific rate-up character or weapon, but that's just for my personal experience and everyone can have different perspectives for the gacha. The pity in this game is probably one of the better pities than other games, sure it may take a while to stack 300 pity, but you could literally use your pity whenever you want and choose whatever you want to waste your 300 pity on, whether it's a 3 star character or a 5 star weapon. Overall This game still has so much potential to waste, if they continued this route. It's good to remember some of the dungeon link characters, giving that nostalgic kick to it [開åŋƒ].

Honkai: Star Rail


A cool Turn Based Action RPG Gacha game, that has a cool gameplay, and that one cool character that everyone wants to be or something (I'm talking about Blade). The story is ok, a simple RPG story that is engaging and full of life, but feels so ordinary to the point where it gets a bit boring the more you go through, but hey that's just my opinion. The gameplay is cool, though I do wish they added much more to it. It legit just feels like a turn based version of genshin, but hey, numbers are also pretty cool. gacha is alright, but it still sucks since gacha currency is somewhat hard to come by. It's just like the time i almost failed to get Kafka during her banner with only a day left remaining and I begging for a chance at my last 10 pull to actually get Kafka on the 150th at 60 pity, so yeah. Moral of the story, the gacha is kind of goofy. The game also has open-world elements and uh yeah, it's cool 👍. The design for each map is phenomenal, to the point where i was stargazing at the details. Overall this review sounds like a 3 star review, but it's actually pretty fun considering that the events are one of the best features in the games, with tons of puzzles and somewhat challenging battles to strive. But yeah very cool game.

The game is simple and easy to play, you just move around around beating monsters and get to highest stage possible, there's also an auto function so you can relax if you don't want to do any of the gameplay, but that's basically the problem with this game, "Game Play". Now as a person that likes to play gacha games, i'm not really accustomed to idle games but it doesn't mean that I think all idle games are bad, I just don't like them. The game play itself is just the same as most of idle games. You beat through bosses to get to the next stage and earn stuff, resource dungeons with hundreds of stages, a tower that gives you rewards through each stage, pvp, all of those that you would probably see, and that's all you have. You just keep grinding resources, keep getting stronger, and get as far as you can reach in the game within today, and you repeat this tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and so on, to the point where you just do this everyday. What i'm saying is that the gameplay is just boring and it just doesn't really suit the whole Seven Knights franchise in my opinion. the story legit feels like a side quest, it doesn't feel engaging and it's literally skippable to the point where it feels like it's not even part of the game. Honestly if there's 2400 stages worth of the story, i ain't even reading all that. Now for the gacha, it's considerably the biggest piece of dog sh#t i've ever seen. Never in my life have I seen a gacha system with extra steps. The fact that you have to meet the requirements to unlock the next rarity is weird, as well as the rate-up banners which requires you approximately 10,000 summons to unlock. Note that 10,000 summons could take you within a week to get to if you're F2P, INCLUDING the events that are happening at this time. Now the game also has an ascension system which is pretty much raising the stars of your characters, for every single character, they will cost the same amount of copies which ever star they're on no matter the raritt, for example, if you're a character at 4 stars is trying to reach 5 stars, you need 70 COPIES OF THAT CHARACTER to reach goal. Now i'm bringing this up because for LEGENDARY CHARACTERS, it could takes months to actually achieve a 5 star legendary character for F2P because of the fact that legendaries have an EXTREMELY low rate of summoning, and btw, to unlock legendary characters, you need to do 5,000 summons to unlock legendary characters, and yet rates are extremely low at a 0.1% rate. But yeah, the gacha just sucks early game. Overall, The game has some problems, but I'd rather enjoy it for the Seven Knights Franchise [不æģŋ]👍.

LINE Webtoon


one of the best apps for reading comics, manhwas (not sure if it's the correct spelling, oh well...), etc. There's pretty much a variety of webtoons, some that are newly released, while others have hundreds of chapter that might take a day or 2 just to complete (if you're really into the story, whether it's good or bad). I bet y'all have the one feeling where you just get into the story so much, that you might want to buy 3 dollars worth of coins (currency in the app) just to fast pass the next 3 episodes of a specific webtoon. this is definitely going to be in my personal top 10.



ngl the game is pretty decent then from what i've expected, though the it has a few flaws from what i've seen during the gameplay. The animation is a bit sloppy even during the adventure in each level the artstyle is very good though as well with character designs. the storyline is basic and pretty common in my opinion, basically just how the hero doesn't remember anything and has this special power or something that he's not aware of at all. the game play is pretty similar to epic 7, the combat kind of like it, but not totally and the skill animation is pretty good. the gacha rates though are actually not terrible and they're a bit generous when it comes to the pickup summons. overall it's a decent game, though ai have not much to say about it at least.

This game is absolutely one of my favorites, even though I played this game for a few days and i've barely have any experience so far, it's still one of the best games i've seen though. Quality and artstyle of the game is absolutely stunning, the 3d art is very sharp animation is smoothly pleasing and even the effects make you look like ur actually playing the game seriously, as well as the chibi characters when you place them in your dorm, you can give them head pats which is just adorably cute. The gameplay is kind of like honkai impact, though it has a bit of touches with the skills, the point of the gameplay honestly is just dodge the enemy's attack to activate matrix, from there you can literally just spam for a few seconds, pretty simple, right? The storyline again is basically nothing special for most of the but for this specific game, it's different and I think that the storyline is pretty interesting and tempts me to go through, I think the most interesting part for the storyline is when Lucia Plume resets her memories (Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the chapter yet). Overall the game is basically just Arknights and Honkai Impact combines to create this wonderful master piece, the devs really did do a good job on this game huh.



Although the game has trashy rates in the gacha system, the game isn't as bad as you would of think. The 3d art is pretty meh its not really bad but not really good at the same time, usually when I see 3d characters in other games, they would be very sharp and very detailed, but what do you know, it's a game made in 2015 so obviously the artstyle would be pretty bad. The gameplay itself is plain and simple which gives me vibes of specific gacha games that isn't anime related, but has almost the same gameplay style as this game which was years ago. The storyline is skippable and nothing special, sometimes i would read the story if something interesting sctually happens but that's only at some point in the game. Now lets talk about the gacha (the point of every gacha game), the gacha rates are bad for specific characters whether they're limited or not (events, collabs etc.), i'll give you just a tiny tip on the gacha, always save ur gems for a specific character, or you coukd re-roll which takes like 10 minutes (if you have a good phone) I think everyone knows this, also I would recommend doing the step-ups unless there is a character that you want whether you want the Idavoll heroes or the Scion heroes, and if you ever get those shameful regular 3 star heroes, at least the devs made it easier to upgrade characters potentially at 6 star, the last time i've played this game was probably many months ago and it was kind of moderate to upgrade heroes to a 5 star which was the meta before, but ever since i've started playing the game again, i'd say they were pretty generous with the amount of soulstones you can collect, plus (prove me wrong if you can, i've only started a few days ago) the regular characters (well some) can be awakened which coul probably match up to the new meta characters (if i'm wrong) so that's an extra for the old characters. Overall a decent gane with a lot of stuff going in the menu screen and events that are currently going on (like the 5.5 aniv. event) and the 3d art most likely needs to be more fresh and new to the current gacha or anime games that are as well 3d (this review is long as hell and hopefully it makes sense and doesn't combust your brain).



i'll tell you what, this is a very good pixel sandbox game other then minecraft, you can craft, you can destroy bosses, you can even kill your npcs if you want, there is a bunch of cool mods as well to enhance the gameplay. There are a variety of weapons like melee, magic or even those two combined, you can make your own house with whatever type of block you like (make sure it isnt the corrupted blocks though, its possible tomake a biome out of it, you have to use those corrupted blocks to craft a stone version of it.), and that's basically it, overall a fun game with infinite things you can do.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Genuinely love this game, in gameplay wise moving the chracters is like moving chess pieces, the combat scenes make it look even better, mostly it doesn't require that much thinking sincr it isn't actual chess, but adding an RPG style to it like FE, it just makes it better. the design of the game is kind of chibi-ish which really doesn't matter since every character looks cool, oh yeah and I love the way how they have many artist to draw FE characters in their own way, that's probably when you know the company is actually giving respect to their artists. storyline doesn't really matter, but it isn't as boring as Epic Seven's storyline, the storyline for this game is a lot more compatible to the artstyle which makes me tempt if I should read or i should not, though in the end, I still think the story doesn't matter at all. I forgot to mention that the game is fairly F2P friendly and you don't need to whale on a specific character, you can just grindout orbs in each event. Overall this is a wonderful chibi-ish game that is easy to play and it's F2P friendly.

Epic Seven | Global


hmm ok, I haven't played this game in a while so let me just right my thoughts about it. i'll be honest the graphics and artstyle are incredibly good, animation is quite smooth, the detail into each character is pretty good, and it's basically at a point where it's just around anime level. sound is not too great but not really my taste in music. Usually some gacha games would have pretty good sound effecta but this game's sound effects were not that appealing, though the vpice acting is pretty darn good, and the quotes are not that long. storyline is not really appealing, and it really didn't matter if i were to skip or not, there was nothing special about the story other then the animated cutscenes (which were done well), I'm gonna be honest, the story was quite boring, there was no voice acting and sh*t that didn't really interest me, I think that it needs a change to be honest. now here's probably the worst part, 'gacha rates'. they are by far one of the worst rates in a gacha game that i've ever seen, not only for regular characters but for alternative ones as well, like each 5 star chracter is "UNDER 1% CHANCE TO GET" which makes me very aggravated, so yhe gacha system is on god trash and the rates need to be increased by like a slight 5%. Over all it's not the best, but not the worst the game justhas many flaws that i think needs a change.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


the best part about this game is Gingerbrave's iconic face, it's just too meme-able, welp time to review. The quality in the art is actually very good, though i'd say it's lacking animation like a tad bit. gameplay is very simple and easy so uh, i give it a 5 out of 5 for gameplay. The storyline is very interesting and unique (in my opinion obviously), and it gives out this adventuristic vibe which is what i like in a gacha game. I forgot to mention that this game is very F2P friendly and you can easily get a legendary right off the bat, since the developers of the game are very generous. All and all this is a very good game, it's simple yet fun, and probably one of my favorites in the Cookie run series [åŽŗįžž](including Cookie run: kingdom, etc.)

SINoALICE | Global


honestly, I only downloaded the game because it had an FFBE event but i just wanna make this review fast so uh yeah. gameplay wise is kinda boring, I'm not really a fan of the game play, but it's not the worst. the graphics and quality are good but not the best, mostly the animation for combat is the one i think is lacking, but over all it's still great. storyline, i'd say it's really cool, i just like the way they use quotes and the voice acting to making it sound a bit more cooler and realistic-ish. over all this is an 'OK' game, it just has a few things that i'd prefer that needs to be changed, in my opinion 😐

Soul Knight | Global


i'd say this is literally the only playable game when ur at school and you have nothing to do, since you finished ur homework.

i'd say the game is still good, it's almost an exact copy of brave frontier since the game has an explore feature, man i haven't played this game in a while until now.

World Flipper | Global


The game is on a great start, you can collect the pre-register rewards which give you a ton of gems (forgot the currency name), and can be used for re-rolling, if you wanna hit a five star then this is the best way possible. the game is really fun and i enjoyed the artstyle, gameplay is almost like a timer bomb since you have to weaken the enemy before it starts to do a powerful move, the story, uh i was pretty lazy to read. overall a very good mobile game in my opinion. Though, the connection is pretty buggy and needs to be fixed (will delete this bit out 'once' they've fixed the bug.)

The Battle Cats | English


Battle cats is an absolute top tier game (for no reason), there are over a hundred different cats you can get either thorugh gacha, the main stages, events, collab and you can even buy them with using cat food, although I would only reccomend you using the cat food to buy those cats for specific stages whether its like the crazed cats and all those other hard stages, also it does take a lot of strategy on when ur gonna deploy this and that, and what specific cats you have to use, but it's mostly just spamming ur meatshields in most of the stages. the gacha rates are at least one of the few rates that are actually good from what i've seen like probably around 9% for each pull (if i'm wrong). The gameplay is very plain but kind of painful in a way since you have to deal eith huge enemies with tremendous amount of hp and damage. Overall an og game that still seems a bit fresh when it comes to artstyle, i'd be happy to keep playing the game still.

I literally forgot about the global version of this until I saw the JP version just now, after looking back and playing the game, it basically looks the same as the global one, but with a bit more artsy to the characters.

Dragalia Lost


A better version of Colopl Rune story in my opinion, the music is a top notch banger.

Crusaders Quest


man they used to make this game hard to get 6 star character, and i liked it that way since it was a bit of a challenge.

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