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Game have really good art for the waifus

Alchemy Stars | Global


its good game, but with skins locked into paywall (in some games you can just save currency to buy it like arknights) request to much time to max units.
Its fun but i already dropped.

really beautiful art os the units. fun gameplay

As a fan of the series this game could be really better
this is just the same as the old games, and i dislike the way it is. medabots runing to the center as if was an atb bar...destroying a part reveal the "skeleton" of the robot...i really wish was way better. but at least is a medabot game, people that really enjoyed the way it was back in the day will like it

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just my luck
since started the game never saw this tags, and when i finally have then, its toguether, and of course i got a 6* i already have xD
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