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I sell my life n soul to gacha
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I sell my life n soul to gacha
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Gate of Nightmares


Friend: What games do you play?
Me: Uhm i have a game where I kill animals with hot characters and lolis yeah.

Game is totally addicting but the gacha is uhm pain and suffering i recommend you to control your gacha addiction to get 10 pulls for a guranteed 3star atleast... Its totally F2p friendly and that's all you need to know.[哇噻]


Ok so... It is good but it is lacking something the husbandos and the cards are hot or cute but get plain over time also the songs are meh. When you play its annoying how sensitive it is and for some reason every rythmn game that has gacha is hell and a devil it is quite hard to get gems to gasha when your end game... but over all its good but lacking something idk try it i guess [為什麼][難過]

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I like migs the fisherman and  shoes the baiterman from einsturs Read Note
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