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Red Stone 2


The Most Killed And Inconvenient Registration Of Possible Registration + Load Time + Music Result Complete Failure When Google Registration Appears Then Let's Talk Translated With Google Translator

How Cheat And Cheat Only One Hero Added But Problems Did Not Solve And Won't Solve Until Quietly When She Doesn't Become Alone And This Will Never Be Consequently And Problems Will Remain Forever Translated With The Help Of Google Translate

Dr.STONE Battle Craft


Моя Любимая Игра Как И Анимэ Спасибо Большое И Не Читайте Плохие Отзывы Отзывы Ненормальных Не Заслуживают Чтобы Их Читали My Favorite Game Like Anime, Thank You So Much And Don't Read Bad Reviews, Abnormal Reviews Don't Deserve To Be Read Translated With Google Translate

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