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Doing Short Reviews bcoz im lazy... ( Mostly playing EN games )
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Doing Short Reviews bcoz im lazy... ( Mostly playing EN games )
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You're like the flight attendant and you serve people Drinks & Food stuffs. It's an Online game btw. The long way you go, it also gets harder. It's a very fun and entertaining game to waste time on. i personally got addicted to this way back before and i came back here again. This game will get you panicked since there would be a timer for people patience.
It differs on people but i personally enjoy it. [開心]

Short Review.

Who doesn't know cod? Anyways here we are. It's an FPS Game with many modes of 5v5 and mixed of Battle Royale.
The game is so generous with the guns/skin etc.
We don't pay to win, so grind your skills. I love the game and i always come back here every year.
There's many modes of 5v5 and BR + a Zombie vs Player Mode.

Happy Diner Story



Game is about cooking game, you're commanding the waitress to get the items you need to serve for the customers.
I play this in offline before i sleep, i got hooked, here's the problem. If you're ab offline player and your hearts was used it won't recover. It happened to me, i waited days. I got no hearts left and i couldn't play. Still it was pretty addictive and i get to enjoy my experience [難過]


The game was literally about chopping trees. and then you get equipments as a drop when you chop it. The equipment will get better as your level rises.

Opinion :
It's a fun way to pass time. esp if you're literally just bored out of nowhere.


So i downloaded this when it launched.
The game is about you. the female lead, you were a hunter and it's an interactive rpg otome game. reminds me tbh of another chinese game i played be4 too.
You get to fight enemies in the battle and at the same time date hot guys. what a win win. they're generous for pulling cards. I still don't pull yet but i have 1 5star card.

Very interactive, male leads appearin lobby, it's not a picture novel but everything feels like 3d made even in the story.
plus you can call them, text, or poke. you can take pictures with them. you can suggest them to change their profile pictures, plus you can chat them atleast 3 times anytime per day. there's also daily message and so on.

there's like a social media feauture too. you can customize your character and even your voice. the voice cover is available in many languages. you can change them in the settings later on.

The game GB is about 9GB overall. Goodluck to all deepspaace hunter!![哇噻][哇噻]

SimCity BuildIt



I've played this game since i was a kid, this game is about Building City and you're the mayor, there's problems you need to solve for your citizen and disasters, you need to build parks to make people happy, powerplants, factories, fitestations, hospital etc. You can upgrade the houses by providing the needed materials.
which is you need to wait for when making
(takes a lot of time) even so i dropped and pick this game again and again because i miss it.

Short Review

I played the game because of a collaboration game from webtoon called : ORV.

Still it's literally your Idle RPG type game.
The thing here there's a summoning system that you can only pull for new banners if your summon level reach level 5/6
So you can only pull at normal banner and it's hard to get legendary from pulling except if they give you one on mails.
I don't have any comment at this game so if you want to try this, you better have a lot of patience[懵懂]

Short Review

Black Clover is an anime if anyone who doesn't know it.

The story of the game follows the original anime. It's great since if you already watched the anime then you can skip the scenes to play it faster.
Like other games it's a based turn game with a lot of feautures and functions. The Voice sound will start at English but you can change it later on in Japanese

Game will give you a starting cards as SR Asta/Yuno then you get free 10x Pull. Tutorial is a bit long but make sure to finish it because you'll get a 20x chance pull. (You get to reroll 20x until you're satisfied with the pull outcome. You also get to select a pull you love to save it for later on if you want to take that.) They're also very generous when giving for things to pull

- Patrol/Bond/Adventure Battle
- Side Quest
- Cards Gacha ( My guess is that a lot of cards willcome in the future. I'll explain later )

Opinion : lol i though it was somehow similar to a hoyo game.
Anw, the game is good lol I'll still be updating my review in future tho.

Time Of The Dead


Short Game Review :

P.s before reading my review, if you've played Dangerous Fellows before they have the same developer.

Now coming to the review, 1st It all starts in a Historical Era and there's like an strange outbreak. (Like Zombie but in Joseon Era). There's no Voice Covers in Story. there is about Four Love Interest (If i remember correctly) Anyways the story is pretty Good. some of choices need to be paid with this Blue Gem (You'll need to watch ads to get them sometimes you can claim them for free, but i always watch ads to double it).
There's many ways to earn that.

I haven't finished the story yet and I'm Halfway. I'll be updating this once I'm done.

Cat Snack Bar


Short Review :

This is an Idle Cat Snack Bar Game.
You earn money and upgrade your snack bar, every upgrade presents you with new snacks to sell. You get workers to work for you and customers to wait without leaving.

Honest Opinion. I fell asleep while playing this and my phone battery was drained after waking up [暈]



Short Review

This is an Idle Aesthetic Game. Meaning this game mainly helps the player to be relaxed while playing it.
I've been playing this for long and i always use this to help me fall asleep faster. (Also Available in Offline)

It's about cats that will cook for you [開心]
It's pleasing in eyes and it's a very chill Idle game.
Plus you'll need to upgrade it the more you play
(Upgrade Foods and Expand)

Overall It's really great.[厲害]

Short Review 11/30/2023

P.S this could be considered as 17+ Game (I think)

So i Started it, Currently you need to earn hearts by watching ads or waiting for the accumulated hearts to claim.
You use the hearts to select a Reply Option to Love interest.

- You can't reset the chapter for free you need to pay 10 hearts.

Story : It starts with MC(Girl) Having a Abnormal Situation.
After drinking a lot she woke up getting a Fever she found herself inside an otome game.
Within 30 Days she needs to find the real male lead. If She fail within the time limit she will die.

The Voice Sound is in Korean ( I'm Fascinated )

I will update this soon too.

Farm Heroes Saga


I play this everytime I'm about to fall asleep. Matching puzzle game. And fr this is good to past time.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


As a old player of this here's a SHORT REVIEW.

First the game is 5v5 and take note that you can choose Hero's because there's many to select from.
ML made many changes however, you can't avoid (Toxic Players) There's an 80% Chance you'll encounter them in any day of your gameplay.

I'm not a fan of ML but i do play it, if you have a few patience esp if you play many games, then you can give this a try.
But do note that you might get bored soon as your rank rises.
because of repeatedly Toxic players or skill issue idk whatever it is. Goodluck playing lol.

Short Review.

if you want to try new Rythm Game then this is for you.
Although the lobby will take a bit long to find players sometimes but it's fun.

- Many Cards/Girl Bands
- Every read of story gives gems (I did pull and read HAHA! But maybe I'm Unlucky)
- There's many songs to choose from (esp anime songs are here) eg. Kyoran Hey Kids, Nameless Story, Guren, Inferno, Spark Again and more.

P.s : If you came from psek then you can also change the settings beatmap to your likings ( This game will help to raise your accuracy )

So far it's good. Have fun playing the game.


One of my favs, like other games it has a Gacha System
Fight Scenes are absolutely Dope (Don't Skip the main story so you could understand)
Character Designs and skills are absolute the best.
They're generous on this game (I swear) And all the events of the game are fun.

Tho i took a break from playing it, I'm going back soon too.

What in Hell is Bad?


Wow i didn't know this existed in QooApp Hahahaha.

Short REVIEW!!

The game revolves of MC being Solomon Descendant and have contracts with all of the devils including the 7 deadly sins.
A lot of Bugs, But I'm Having Fun.
Take note that this is an 18+ Games which includes ykyk stuffs. It has Devil Tango Scenes like that.
I already got a lot of those L Cards so yeah goodluck playing.

I almost forgot to mentiom but the MC Can be Male or Female.

Revelation | SEA



Most player here are p2w.
I've played the game for months.
The game is like Dragon Raja like they said.

Game has Careers like
Dancer, chef, Singer, Stylist, Musician and so on.
You can customize your avatars, but once you choose a class you can't change it. either you'll brought it or game will give u free ticket.
Another one it's becoming more and more inactive right now.
It doesn't have a good Activity and the Market stuffs in game is not good either, Plus a lot of Bots and players who make clone accounts for selling are there.

In Costume only stylist career can change the costumes style, colors patterns, including the hair colors. They don't have much costume that you can buy if you're f2p Player.

I had fun in the game at last and this is my farewell as well.
I dropped the game btw.

LifeAfter | Global



This is one of the game i played back in 2019, that time it was such a good game.
However as they said there were a lot of bugs, it can't be compared to the old game that I'll literally need to survive in the wild.

if you'll play this game then you need to know about this
1. Good Device (Because the whole map is big it may lag as it stated its a zombie survival Open world game, map is really huge)
2. If you're a f2p player like me then you might level up slow because most players here are p2w but it doesn't matter if you still want to play the game with your friends and just survive.
3. Its realism simulation. (Game mechanics are complicated and has too much info, but once you get the hang of it you'll be fine.)

P.S i just came back to this game again and I'll leave this review for those who's hoping to try the game.
As for me who played this game for years, I'll still continue playing it.

Reverse: 1999 | Global



The game is story type immersive, and you would def get goods card along the way, The Voice acts is good, available in Japanese and other language for Voice Sounds.
Would be good to play if you're interested in immersing yourself with stories type games. The Battle is Cards, and it's creative on it's own way. Plus Gorgeous Character Designs.

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