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love games, tho i'm a noob :p
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love games, tho i'm a noob :p
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this game is so cute man!

i've been playing for a week and i chose Rio for my first route. not done with his route yet but its so damn sweet. he has such a wonderfully frustrating character sometimes due to him being so oblivious, but that's one of his charms and i absolutely adore the boy [憋屈]

very simple game! nice art and story so far! (very cute men) takes a bit of patience but all in all it's pretty solid for now.

p.s- man, i love Sherry so much in Rio's route (hopefully so in the other route's as well) she's so supportive. fingers crossed, maybe, just maybe, we can get a Sherry route [鬼臉][鬼臉]

man, i don't know what to say.

saw hot dudes, so i downloaded it. the music is bomb, graphics are wonderful. and, hot. dudes.

since its all in japanese, (forgive me) i don't actually understand any of what's happening in the game. i was mostly in it since it was a rythym game. read the fan wiki for some more info but i still don't get most of the stuff (this is just me being dumb) xD

but yeah, pretty nice game [微笑]

A3! | Japanese


playing for a almost a year now and i never get bored of the game, which surprised me since i get bored of games fairly quick.

i mean.. who would get bored when faced with cute guys? [睡覺]

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man, i'm starting to get desperate. it's been like this for 3 weeks, i can't even get out of the loading screen. i've even deleted and re-installed but its still the same. anyone else? Read Note
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