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Honestly, its such an amazing game, it has so many songs from vocaloid producers that i knew and some that i didnt know about, its a great game the characters are lovely and of course the cryptonloids are lovely too~

of course the gacha system can be a little bit bad at times (looking at you white day gacha, didnt get a single 4 star in 85 pulls) but most of the times is pretty rewarding!

the gameplay itself its pretty good too its like bandori's but better in my opinion, and also, i like the design of the notes, it makes it very easy to see them, i had a better time adapting to these notes than the ones from bandori..

there are many events one after another with new songs and even more rewards, and that makes me go to the game again and again and again to play the new songs and of course get most of the rewards on the event!

im truly addicted to this game, ive been playing for more than half a year, its the most ive commited to a gacha game... its just do fun!!

i 100% recommend it

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