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An otaku & gamer
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BTS Island: In the SEOM


Borahae BTS 💜

This game actually good,but so many advertising to get diamond,story is good but sometimes awkward,the normal ending is just hhhmmmm..her majesty dies cuz she is cruel and she is the villain,kyle died too,loade is a prince what a surprise!! i love xion but his chemistry isn't good enough with fl,i expected they have more romance,i am still doing ending special with xion
note:hope they also have voice chara i am curious about their voices

Darling Pet


nice game,but too many advertisements 🥲 how to remove it?? I'm falling in love with Ray..i think ray is good with long hair!!btw it is about animals who can change into human,they are snake,rabbit,dog and cat,they live together with FL and there's a new neighbour..he is so mysterious i think..btw who is he??why he knows about FL..i will finish the story..btw why do the clothes are expensive??spend many diamonds and it will be great if there are voices cuz i am curious with all males voices..cant sig in by i use guest account



can't play it cuz need chinese id for register..register from foreign phone number,i do it but still can't..dont know why,if it can't why do they make we can choose by phone number in each own countries,??n need register by passport for foreign,i will give 5 stars if i can log in by google id or wechat,hope they think about the regulation..sorry i uninstall it cuz cant play..thx

I used it to reach others player n talk about manga,manhwa n manhua n games

I can watch BTS,NCT live streaming !!!!



Artem is very handsome!![鬼臉][色色]..the only thing i dislike with this game is HARD TO GET SSR when pull gacha ,that's why i don't pull the gacha cuz i am pesimist n dissapointed!!

Love the visual but it is Chinese version,use vpn for outside hk,tw,china,I need to translate it n it looks so hard sometimes,cuz google translate isn't always right..I play it everyday,but only take 2-3 hours in a day,cuz it's kinda a little bit boring n repetitive quests,4 things i dislike from this game,first when i am at forbidden forest,n fighting,other players can out/off,if they don't want to play so don't accept my invite,they only want the rewards,but no effort,so irritating!!!and 2nd the storage is wooowww 15gb WTH!! it is mobile game,n new game until 15gb,it is really sucked!!how about next next n next update,how big of storage should i spend for it??hope global version isnt like this,not spend more storage..3rd drain my battery so fast,the last is potion shop only refresh material not potions n the material such as white flower for battle (i forget what's the name) it was very limited only can buy 1 time everyday n at forbidden forest shop only 3 times u can buy it for a week,they are not enough,hope they give everyday like everyday daily log in reward Hahahaa sorry,and i hope not only at quidditch they also give 2 helper players,but i want it when dance in the ball too,actually in club,btw dancing 5 stars at the ball woow my hands are not robot n i think my hand will get tremor,and it is very lagging on my phone,even with 4*..note:i can't type long text on chat message,can u not limit it?! and i hope u can change the rule about change our id name,it took 30 days oh no it's so long day!!

For All Time | Korean


Nice otome game,but korean version,make it global n please don't make it hard to get ssr card in gacha pull and I like new chara Lucas he is so handsome 💜[色色][鬼臉]

Fairy Sphere | Japanese


this game is so kawaii

many males chara here,i like the grey,pink n black hair males but forgot the name..chibi is so cute when they shoot the enemies

Blackout : Sightless Home


prepare for ur heart!! be careful heart attack hahahahaa..something annoying is the advertisement if u wanna remove it u have to pay n also the room too dark can't see clearly and hard to avoid the ghost/monster

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i play for a minute after that force closed and i want to log in but must wait until 2 hours..what kind of game is it??  Read Note
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