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Idoly Pride | English


Still not played yet
I will be starting today

The annoying that I found is kinda out of place
Is that
They don't show dub (( translation of the Japanese voices
Nor they allow to change the character voice to einglish )
Other than this I still didn't find anything else

Soul Tide | Global


I am enjoying the game[開心][開心][開心]
Very much from the first time I have played tail this point
I come a cross an annoying thing
After succfuly
Being able to max out the affinity of a character[白眼][白眼]
It turn out
I have to pay in real life money to buy a certain amount of material in the game
In order to buy the oath ring
I mean
You got like a whole lot of way to make more money through the game
Such as skin's deals ( like offering a certain benefits)
, VIP ( benefits )
But not only did you make it not buy able through in game money
We can't even collect that gem to buy the oath ring [發火][發火][發火][發怒][發怒][發怒][發怒][發怒][發怒][發火][發火][發火][發火][發火][發怒][發怒][發怒]



I have as I remamber massage the Dv regarding the problem of black screen when you open the game
But it seem even after a long time
They did not fix it
I will lower the rating to 1

Path to Nowhere


the only annoying thing in the game is the energy sht
you spend all of them you don't get any except for 60 energy
i mean it is annoying

the game is awesome , great in everything except for [發火][發火][發火][發火][發火][發火][發火][發怒][發火][發火]
the black screen at the end of reaching a certain affinity lvl with the characters [發火][發火][發火][發火]
i mean
the hell[發火][發火][發火]
we do everything to reach a certain affinity lvl
what are we meet with
a FKING [發火][發火][發火][發怒][發怒][發火][發怒][發火][發火][發火]
black screen [發怒][發火][發怒][發怒][發怒][發火][發火][發火]
above all of that
at the Fking best part [發火][發火][發火]
and instead of just putting short video of 30_60 second or so
or certain art style [發怒][發怒][發怒]
they put a Fking TEST [發火][發火][發火]
to describe what we can't [發怒][發怒][發火][發怒][發火][發怒][發火]
Fking see
at the beginning i give it 4 in everything except for the story telling since it is realited to the affinity lvl up thing but now
i will lower my rating to 3 on each part [委屈][發怒][發火]
and i was planning to give FIVE in everything

since i love the game but it was so disappointed that after we reach a certain affinity lvl all we are meet with ia black screen and some texts [發火][發火][發火][發怒][發怒][發怒][發火][發火]

Blue Archive | Global


the only few annoying things are
first the log in the game it is so annoying some times and
when you rise affinity with a girl
you only got one story for her

Touhou LostWord | Global


I would love if they let us decide on the gender of our character
and to add more wedding skins for the character
plus please add
an affinity bar or numbers where we at last will be able to know
how much left for us to max affinity with character
and if possible
the ring from the improvement in the characters like when i max affinity with a character i can just marry her after i press upon
max affinity which is the pink heart
please reply dv if you have seen the comment

[色色][鬼臉] the game is awesome and good
but please add a dating system
and affection system for every girl
and if affection reach 100 marriage will be available
ofcourse they player will be able to buy the ring
for 600 each ring
but if you do so
please don't make so difficult to rise the affinity up

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Hello 🗿👋
There is a game called ideal surviovr it has girls in it
Can anyone please give link to that game? 
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