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Respect and Discipline ! / 尊重と規律 ! JLPTN 2 Learner :)
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Respect and Discipline ! / 尊重と規律 ! JLPTN 2 Learner :)
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Sin Chronicle


the game is good simple as that most people will complain and have random excuses welp i can't blame them for getting 2☆

Kamigoroshi no Aria


So far the game looks good the only thing in my concern is some VA is a little bit off or i would say some voice are missing but other than that gameplay wise it's a decent game.[開心]

Miko Note


The game so far is great i love the graphics, gameplay reminds me a little bit of Senran Kagura NL , the only down in the game is buying the NPC with ¥ i guess i can afford it other than that it's a nice game VPN wise if people are complaining i didn't use any VPN if the game tells you to use VPN or Game not available in your region it's not their fault basically this game is only playable if your in Japan but if you really want to play it without complaining do as the game says use VPN other than that yeah pretty much good😄 🇯🇵

As always great game too bad the eng. shutdown but it's alright i can understand a certain level of nihongo

Heaven Burns Red


The game is unique in it's own way the Graphics is wonderful so far the VA every bits of it is very detailed very clear and some are cute the storyline wise is good too i can understand it pretty well so far but you need a few more tweeks and this game is gold. 😄



The game so far is amazing with a pretty decent details to it the voice of the characters i love ❤ them they are very cute + the gameplay is fantastic give it a try 😄👌🍜

People just give bad reviews because they either want to rush things or get a good gacha but failed so ended up here giving bad ratings

Brown Dust | Korean


More stories please i been playing this for years now XD

King's Raid


I ❤ the game it has an amazing graphics the sound is fine as well + i enjoy the characters theres a lot of lovebale characters in there the only good thing is you dont have to draw them only the weapons the story is good but at the end of the chapter it has a few grim stuff thats happening but ok

天地劫 | 繁中版


It's a very nice game i ❤ it

People get pissed off the game sometimes because they either didnt get any 5☆ and just cry here

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