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For Chaldea!!!
Nasuki Sora 64571004

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For Chaldea!!!
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So far good game, at first I dropped the games because I couldn't understand how the game mechanics work, but thanks to the tutorial update I now know what to do.

Yeah the gacha part is quite annoying, but the story so far is on par.I would recommend this to others, but it take those to have some self control to not use up their bank accounts for their favorite characters.

But if I had one complaint about this game, it would be its story missions, some missions requires magic or physical chains attack but doesn't make clear which one is to be used.

Most of the time you can't do them if you have over powered characters, so make sure you don't use characters that are over the required mission level and be sure you have esper cards that do multiple magic or normal hits.

If anything, I would have liked it if the game cut down on these types of missions, but what is a game without challenges! [大哭]😅

Lord of Heroes


Over the years I have played this game and took a break from, I'll share what I have to say.

1) This game was amazing when if first came out, to me. The battle mechanic was new to me and was fun to use, until the auto button came in.

It's good when you have to grind for materials, which easy to get on here unlike other games with this premise, but that does not mean you can take your eyes off of the game all because the game starts off easy.

The one time I did that on hard mode with Arena Battles, I had a close call when only one member of my team died, level and gear matters in this game.

2) Getting gear in this game is a lot more easy compared to getting new characters now, every since this game switch from contract heros, which made this game a lot of bucks when you forget to check in for your free hero, to a full on Gacha system.

Big mistake because the game sadly goes from fully free to play and new player friendly, to a more pay two win boring cop out.

I was okay with the special characters being the only thing you have to pay real money for since they were optional, but now unless you are a veteran who was lucky enough to complete all of the free weekly contracts, then you are screwed to pay for them through the gatcha system if you are new.

But I will say I am glad they are giving out free currency so people can use them for the new mechanic.

I get that companies have to make money, but going for the same bull that killed a lot of games is not the way, this game is also sadly dying and now have a big competitor.

I think going back to the old mechanic and just rely on the free pass and special character sales should be enough to keep this game alive, that and dealing with the big issue of absent players.

3) There are to many dead accounts on here along with dead guilds, a mass sweep of accounts needs to happen so more active gamers can play with out the issue of adding another server.

4) However, even with these negatives, there are still the positives. The story is so immersive that I see why a lot of people started to reccomend the game when it was still advertising it self.

The character back stories are like an autobiography where with each character profile you learn something new about the ones you first have as allies.

The new dress up system is BEAUTIFUL! And woth spending some real money on if you really want the outfit that is, you do get free threads if you pay attetion to the gift codes they send out in the news section of live streams they do, and to add to that greatness, the outfits have bonus states on them that can help with battle, and make your character look stylish!

(I get this is a girly point but guys, they have some clothes for the girls that will make you simp for them even more. Just gonna leave this here for yah. 😈)

Overall, the game is great, and I may not like some of the choices made to make more money, it's a lot more easier to get what you need to make the characters you have stronger and at least the game still tries to make the game as free as possible.

Plus the devs are nice and will most likely listen to your complaints, if you are kind about it. Other then that, I kind of hope this game stays under the radar because this game is good as it is, minus the add on Gacha system for characters.

Great game, but needs to catch up with the JP version!

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