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Sup, average vtuber fan here
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Sup, average vtuber fan here
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Aha the place full of wonders, a place where I get to watch some of my favourite vtubers. Yum



It's good but there needs to be a little more avatar customization without paying real money



Is good

Spotify Music



Really fun game and tge gacha rates aren't too low so you have a good chance of getting a new character

Good app but you find loads of weirdo's

Good game, but I just lost all of my data so I won't be playing again :(

Really fun game to play, I got all whm characters so I'm happy, a little annoying how I won't be able to upgrade the resonance as the event has ended now, if I'm wrong please tell me



Crunchyroll is better

Game is pretty fun to play but the gacha rates are extremely rare and it is a once in a blue moon chance to get a 5* character

The game is pretty fun but there is still quite a few bugs and glitches that need fixing. The gacha is also a little messed up and I think the rates are too low.

The game is quite fun but the gacha is the problem



Chilling with miko is the best

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


This game is really fun and the hololive event was amazing, right now this is probably my favourite mobile game

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