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PoTII: RB | English


I would have never thought that a sport themed game can be made into a rhythm game. It was so fun playing this game with a variety of music to choose from. Aside from the opening and ending songs from the anime, there are also several character songs and group songs formed from the casts in the game/anime. The original game only stories are also interesting and fun to read.

The gameplay is just like some other rhythm games so it's easy to play. There is also an occassional PvP tournament that'll determine your court ranking after the event. This is a feature of the game that'll fire you up, it's as if you're having a tennis match with other people, and it's really fun.

Events are also held frequently, same as for gacha banners. Though pulling a high rarity card is quite difficult, some high rarity cards are given as prizes... (if you grind for it, though ( ̄∀ ̄)).

There is also a cute feature of this game where you can build your own area with decorations and interact with the chibi characters of the game.

It's just unfortunate and saddening that this game is ending its service (it haven't been a year since its launch!). And I'm also looking forward to the anniversary and future updates of the game... (´-ι_-`)

....And so with that, I'll also be playing the Japanese version! (`・ω・´)ノ To those who'll continue playing this game in the Japanese server, see you there.

A3! | English


(⚭⃙⃚⃘᷄⑅⚭⃙⃚⃘᷅)うぅ I've only started playing this game, like I've just been playing this game for only 167 days, and to think the en server would... *sigh* Why didn't I discover this game earlier (o´Д`)=з.

I really enjoyed playing this game. It's easy to play. The story content and events and also their music! I like them all. I also came to love all the characters especially their relationships and interactions with each other. You just can't hate any one of them! They're just so precious and interesting. I'm currently watching the anime series and considering playing the Japanese Version as well cause I just can't let them go! ‪I really love them! [開心]

Matsuro Palette


I'm not really a fan of the horror genre but this game would be an excemption for me. Truthfully when I opened the game and while playing it, I literally got goosebumps that I easily got startled at any simple notification sound in my phone while wearing earphones (´-﹏-`;). That's just how good the BGM is! (or is it that I'm just easily scared? lol) The art is also simple but good. It really does match the theme and atmosphere of the game. The gameplay is also simple. The story itself is very interesting you'd want to know more and be curious as to how it ended up like that. The different ways you die is creepy but also another interesting part of the game.

I already finished the main story. But it seems that I have not died enough yet to unlock the secret so I'll do just that.

It's a simple game where you create your own team and send them off to sortie, expeditions, and bouts. You can also put them on duties which also triggers some conversations between the Touken Danshi paired together. Sorties also trigger interactions between them in certain areas of the map. It may look boring to others but I'm really enjoying this game as I also enjoyed the anime. The different personalities and quirks of the TouDan are really interesting. I'm also looking forward in meeting the other TouDan that wasn't introduced in the anime and to the new incoming swords in the future. [微笑]



Hands down, they've done it again! Another great game from SEEC-ESC. Just as when you thought you just finished the game, you're actually just getting started. When you thought that no murders are going to happen, there are actually going to be. And when you thought you reached the true ending but it actually branched out! What a way to put me on the edge of my seat! [開心]

I really love the twist in the story and the characters. This game really showed that there are other sides to people that they don't want others to see or know. Secrets that they wouldn't want to be revealed no matter what. The characters also have their own personalities and quirks which makes them easy to remember and to be liked. The different ending routes are also very interesting.

The only let down for me is that they didn't retain the character's voiced lines in this version that the Japanese version has. But other than that, this is another awesome mystery game and a highly recommended one especially for mystery fans out there. [微笑]

Yotsume God | English


Another wonderful game from SEEC-ESC! Just like the other games from them, everything about this game is great. There is one ending in this story that became my favorite as it put me on the verge of tears. I'm also hoping that the Reunion version will have an english version. [開心]

The Prison Boys | English


This is a game I wouldn't expect myself to get into and it literally put me on the verge of tears (;_;). Just like any other games from SEEC-ESC, they never let me down. I like the game overall. And another thing, I'm also glad I purchased the special stories. There, I got to know what happened to a certain character in the story that wasn't elaborated from the main story, and all of the other character's POV.



I totally love this game! Though the only thing that really sucked for me is that the in-game voices are not available in my area (╥_╥). Other than that, I love everthing about this game, from the character designs, BGM, art style, the plot, the gameplay! I really enjoyed it. Also, purchasing the special stories is totally worth it! A lot of things happened after the true ending on which it really truly concluded the whole story. A highly recommended game. (≧∇≦)b

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Parallel Worlds Beelzebub and Mephistopheles' other life as an idol in the human world! [懵懂] I mean, I've been noticing Adonis' design is really similar to Obey Me's Mephisto. As for Subaru, I just thought of it 'cause he had the same hair color & style? as Beel. ꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)‪𐤔‪𐤔 Read Note
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