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this game is super cute~
and also very addictive, you can pass the whole day playing it without even noticing!
The storyline is great and the rates for the gacha are good so you will have a really good time with this game!

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


I waited for this game with so much hype and now that it has released i feel a little bit of dissatisfaction
1- Only 20 songs? that's too few! 😥 I know the game just released and so it'll have a lot of errors and things to improve but it simply feels empty after you finish all the songs... I hope they add a lot more with the time cuz if they don't this game will die and i don't want such a good premise of a game to die
2- i feel like the game just gets stuck while loading sometimes, i know that should be normal cuz it just released and because I'm not in Japan but it's still very annoying when you want to play a song and it just never loads and you have to restart the game, and it's not even multiplayer, i would understand that if it was because i play P.sekai too and it sometimes gets me out of the matches but it doesn't take much to load at least.
3- the game gets very laggy sometimes and it's very annoying cuz that makes me lose my combos :(
and it gets even laggier when you activate vibration, i tried playing with vibration ON and i liked it but i have to turn it off because if not the game is just unplayable, at least for me, idk why, my phone is not even bad it can run most other rhythm games I've tried smoothly
5- The initial gifts, too few of everything, especially the gems for the gacha. It's nice that you get a guaranteed SSR just at the start but they only give you enough gems to perform like 20 more pulls from then and you can get almost nothing from the songs so if they don't add a multiplayer mode where you can get more you will have to buy the gems yes or yes and that's just a good way of making the players sick and bored of your game so i really hope they don't fall in the pit of the greedy ass companies (like for real, bandori gives you like 20,000+ just for "reading" the story and the initial gifts and also the pulls cost 50 less gems! (250 each)

I know the game is new so I'm gonna stay as neutral as i can be with it and keep supporting it for a few months to see how it improves, and i really hope that in some months i can change this review to:
"Excellent game, fun gameplay and it's touhou music what else do i have to say?"

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