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18 yrs old girl..both kpop and anime stan
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18 yrs old girl..both kpop and anime stan
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I'll be honest..i only came to play IVE, Monsta X and Wjsn...since i only know them 😔 but gonna say Monsta X is hard 😂😀

Yokai Tamer | English


I played this game once and i download it again...
it's the same but i would like if the game was actually manual instead of Auto..Auto is fine but just a whole completly Auto game :/

Girls X Battle 2


good game but it's not easy to save whatever stuff when ur an F2P..

SuperStar SMTOWN | Korean


lol I download this game just to play NCT gdjdhdjdhhjdj but also to collect Rp and diamonds since i always lack of it..then delete it back after 10 days getting a comeback reward .. but I'm not sure if it's me or what..after the new update its seems all the superstar i play getting a bit laggy tho

SuperStar ATEEZ


I have always been playing Superstar.. Superstar has the best quality and graphics than any other rhythm games..which I really love it despite it needed Wifi but that's not a problem!
edit : Is something wrong with SSATZ?? cuz whenever i tried to get the attendance..i never received it instead it just load for minutes...i would ofc thought my Wifi will probably lagged but i was using my credit n it lagged while i switched to open Tiktok it was smooth as hell?? hoping to see what's the problem here..

Hospital Escape


i really like this game... it really is different than any other escape games I've ever played...
but I don't even know where's the redemption code lol

Rhythm Hive


It's a very good game..i love the graphics, the cards and all but this game is using like..tooo much wifi..
it lagg too much whenever I'm losing signal in the middle of the game and made me lose my hits and sometimes restart the game :(
sometimes i thought it was my phone but it's not.. it's yes the WiFi but still using too much wifi is not good for me :'(( I actually thought it might be just slightly the same as Superstar but it actually not.. Superstar just won't lagg or restart the game whenever i lose signal...bur like i said.. it's a good game👍

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