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Sin Chronicle


I am gonna give my review after playing for days
please read this won't take long,well let's start now

-First,the graphics is good enough and okay
as someone who is into storyline than insane graphic which is mostly popular nowadays
it also remind me of the first strategy game ,persona 3 portable which also have potato graphic but the storyline and how the system work amazed me
-Second, soundtracks are amazing
I did say they did pretty well and the voice acting hits me much better than most anime
the truth is I even tears up while playing intro and ending of chapter 1 (I am seriously not lying)
-Third,the storyline is promising as they say
storyline will change based on your choices
I already experienced almost every choices by playing multiple accounts, it's really made me feel like I am on an adventure
-Lastly,I see you guys blaming how the system made us level up only by playing storyline stages
please put that in mind that this is not like others games but a unique one
you will have a chat-time with your teammates even after replaying the stage to level up or farm weapons
(will not activate when you used skip tickets,you will only get weapons and exp)
the rewards are really good now,you can easily get 20 pulls as a starter and can farm another 10 pulls in around 10 minutes after doing some missions like adding hastag/changing character icon/enhancing weapons, rankings up the weapons,turning weapons into materials (This also do the same for spirit)
well, it's all for now
ask me anything if you are trouble understanding

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No one can beat my pulls
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