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This game is very great !
I love the Characters, Story, Gameplay and Gacha System
Some cards are voiced & the game is beginner friendly :)
The Gacha rates are very great as well,
unlike other games gacha which is impossible to get the characters you want
It's easy to upgrade and evolve characters too
One Piece has many characters and you can get them in this game, many special art too :D

//I mean I like Law , I plan to collect all his cards & I can get it /v\ Sooo yeah, Recommended to play

Seriously Ensemble Stars Music is the Best Idol Rhythm Game I've played so far ♡ Love it a lot, cards are beautiful, characters are beautiful, and they can sing so well ♡
Story is great too ♡



So far so good , just sometimes it has bug error & said I have to join Weverse to view Artist content but I already join

So far so good, but a bit lag

Love this game a lot, there's rhythm and combat style in the game. This is a Great game for me cuz I'm into Rhythm game and I like Upgrading the cards for Battle too. Altho the rhythm game should improve more, but other than that, I love how it's fully voiced. But recent Ignihyde Chapter have no voice due to their busy schedule which disappointed me, cuz I can't read Japanese and I can only understand by listening to what they say.

Anyways, I like that there's many characters to choose from, they all have different personalities, design and I really like Disney characters too. Altho the gacha rate is bad for me cuz I can only get SSR by guarantee 100 pulls but overall its a great game, do give it a try ♡

Been playing this game since Japanese version, I can't understand Japanese so I'm really glad for this English version. I really like the gameplay, it suits me cuz I'm not really an expert gamer, the gamestyle is simple and easy to understand. I love how the events let me collect limited edition characters and cash items unlike other games which are totally impossible to get without paying "Cash".
I played this game totally Free.

I can get rare characters like Hyuga Masamune, Juzumaru, Kogarasumaru & etc without paying anything , so I highly recommend this game to those who are into beautiful characters but wanted to play for free :D

This game is fully voiced too. Many voice actors participate in this game. Who knows your favourite voice actor is in the game too. And every characters have different artstyles as well, like Hyuga Masamune is illustrated by Black Butler official illustrator <3
This game consists of 100++ different characters, there must be 1 or maybe more who can become your favourite ;) So give it a try, its really a great game <3

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luffy love me :D♡
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