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Honestly, I enjoy this game, and was very surprised by it. Though the UI seems outdated, I don't mind and find it as part of the games charm.

The thing that really sets this game apart though is its story. To begin, MC isn't the sole focus, and in addition to that, the goal isn't just to raise idols. There is intrigue and, at times, can get dark. To be honest, I was really blown away by the fact that the story itself feels more for a mature audience. Especially considering some of the content and context.

The music is also great with a mix of rock, pop, and hip-hop. I'm honestly a giant fan of the music from this game. I also enjoy that the singers are not the CVs, which I felt were unique (except Takuya IDE ). The rhythm part of the game is also highly enjoyable. My only complaint is that sometimes certain skills or characters will change the color of the notes, and it can be difficult to see. Did I mention, the CVs are also fantastic in this game. It definitely had an Allstar cast with Shirai Yusuke, Saito Soma, Satoshi Hino, etc. The story is also fully voiced!!

I like the rehearsal system as well and how it aids overall to how you do in the rhythm game section. Making it both beneficial to rehearse on top of leveling your cards.

Last but not least, the gacha. I love the art of each card; they're beautiful. However, when pulling, it sometimes feels like you will never get a 4/5 star card, which can feel frustrating.

Overall, I recommend this game, especially if you're looking for something that is more mature and, in addition, a good rhythm game.

I only recently gotten into Touken Ranbu, but the game is a lot of fun. Its definitely a "raising" game where you create the swords then work on leveling them up. I highly enjoy the battle aspect of the game, as well as duties and surveys. I enjoy getting to mix and match characters in these groups, and also enjoy how easy it feels to complete tasks. The games gacha mechanic of using resources to build the swords is fun as well, since I enjoy getting to try various quantities just to see what i get. I do highly recommend the game as I feel its also a great jumping point to then getting into Anime, Musicals, and even movie.

This game honestly shocked me. It is very enjoyable and I do enjoy getting to see all of my favorites in one place. Though it follows the manga and anime arcs well, and can seem repetitive if you have already read/watched, the game play is a lot of fun. I also like that each characters power gimic changes dependent on card which is nice. Getting shards is also pretty easy to obtain which is great since when they have the new event gachas makes it worth it to spend to see what you get.

A3! | Japanese


This game is honestly one of a kind as far as gacha games are concerned. It has a wonderful story line that carries through in each chapter, the acting "exercises" to train the actors is also fun. I also highly enjoy the additional bits of travel, or road shows to earn gold and other points fun as well. Though it can seem stagnant in game play, the story and the art work are what really keeps it going. I have been a major fan and always look forward to new A3! content.

For a rhythm game it is very different from the others out there. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that it is a turn table, and that its not just tapping to catch the beats but also scratches and even symbol crashes.

The card graphics are beautiful and I enjoy just getting to look at them!! The story is also super interesting. Aside from the events that happen in and throughout the game, the main storyline is about you being a DJ Apprentice and working with all of the teams. I find it a bit more interesting than just being another producer or director. It gives a bit more freedom to interact with the characters.

The rhyme strike in game, which is also a fun addition to get various items and points, is very enjoyable as well. Overall the game is fantastic and I hope they add some of the other songs from the series in soon!

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