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Just a human
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Just a human
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Black Survival


I think that the old version was better but nonetheless the gamepley is as it was before so that's a big plus. I like to think what I need now or in a short future then collect the needed items. You must think and keep ur guard nonstop if u wish to survive. Very good!

To be honest I discovered those characters and story not from anime but from this beautiful game. I will not play any game in this genre cause I want to stay loyal to STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT. Very good!

Toram Online


Honestly it's one of the best games in this genre. Although it doesn't have this overdone graphics like popular games, which make me love the game more, it has all that is needed to enjoy the game. The soundtrack is well suited for our adventures, there are likable characters, we can make our own characters, have our house after 30lv, we can go with the story or do smth different. Very good!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Really enjoying it, one of my favs!

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