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Gacha enjoyer
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Gacha enjoyer
Game Comments (2)

The game is really easy to play, although you'll need to wait after finishing your 5 free love passes per day.

Not only that, if you happen to finish the 5 free love passes, worry not! You can go fight with other player in a battle! Or maybe spend your time reading the Prince Path! I recommend you to read the Prince Path you want to really understand what's going on within you and the game settings play.

Also, the seasonal event surely will make you occupied because the game offers you a lot of fancy dress for each prince when you manage to finish their path (event)! So, go fast or nothing! [開心]

Helios Rising Heroes


I think the way to combine the team and gather the substances while fighting the Eclipse is neat + the visual is good too.

Haven't play the other games from Happy Elements, but this game is just nice for someone that want to waste their time. tap tap, and finish! [怪笑]

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