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Please read my note!!! Actually this game is still in development stage and it is only available on the official Discord server but someome has stolen its data and then post it in here. If you want to try this game then join us on Genetopia Discord server to get the latest updates. If you don't know where to find us, click this link or if u already installed the game in here then you can click on the Discord icon on the game screen. Hope to see u there!

great app for chatting with online friends

Google Translate


[為什麼] uhm good app?

Soul Knight | Global


A game everyone should try if you are into dungeon genre [開心]



At first the game was very fun to play but now all what the dev think is how to loot more money from player [汗顏]

A great game to kill free time, but the level up speed slow down when u reach higher level. But still a very good game [微笑]

Well I am a big fan of this game since it was still in Alpha test, but now only Chinese version left of ED can be played while all other version had been taken down. The dev said they had problems with some stuffs and then they disappeared more than half a year and it's likely that they won't come back in any time soon. So yeah, good game but not so lucky [不滿]

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Please read this note !!! Actually this game is still in development stage and it is only available on the official Discord server but someome has stolen its data and then post it in here. If you want to try this game then join us on Genetopia Discord server to get the latest updates. If you don't know where to find us, click this link or if u already installed the game in here then you can click on the Discord icon on the game screen. Hope to see u there!  Read Note
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