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Azur Lane | English


My ever favorite Shipgirls game.
Not to mention, the better Kancolle

With very nice character designs, and not-so-boring gameplay 'cause you can build the shipgirls and play by yourself with joystick, no need to worry about garbage rng.

Blue Archive | Global


A very refreshing game with cute girls and guns! (And also hidden mysteries)

Character Designs are amazing. There are many option of waifus—I mean, students, to choose. Mostly have cute designs, JK-like (ofc), the in-game illustrations are also very, very good and well drawn.

I should say that Blue Archive have ONE OF THE BEST L2D I've ever seen so far. Very unobtrusive (without worrying about battery condition 😹), with superb art and dialogue they offer.

They also offer AMAZING BGM/music. I spent like hours in this game only to 'spoil' my ears with their in-game OST.

Gameplay wise? Interesting at first, but slowly started to get boring~ But don't worry, the EX Skill animation sometime cheer me up to continue playing.
Also storyline is unexpectedly well-written! At first I thought BA will only be one of those 'fan-service' games where lore won't be something so serious, and it's all about happiness of sensei with their students in Kivotos. But guess I'm wrong?

The worst thing ever in Blue Archive is : Their Gacha. I don't know anymore, welcome to rate-off hell of BA.

The character designs of the Touken Danshis are superb—this is the main charm and why Touken Ranbu was very popular in my opinion.

The gameplay is honestly so-so, tends to be boring. Like Kantai Collection...
I think anyone will agree that Touken Ranbu's gameplay is considered to be outdated. I hope the developer can solve this problem, like adding new features and big updates. Although this won't be easy, ofc.

And newbies will usually get difficulty to follow the latest event or updates since it requires swords with high levels... And also the confusement to follow the storyline

Yes, talking about storyline, it actually quite good—but not stable. They don't really have a plot to begin with, although we know the Touken Danshis and us Saniwa (player)'s mission is to keep the history safe.
This game is definitely made for fangirling... In my self-opinion.

But I like it. And it was an experience~
I hope there are more interesting Touken Danshi released soon!

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