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Average Scrub
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Average Scrub
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App won't open for me

Grand Summoners | Global


Been playing this for a year now, collabs are good. I want to whale but unfortunately I'm broke af

Genshin Impact


Hard grind rpg but mannn... Waifuus are worth the grind. Hoping for rerunss



Super fun to play especially when you play it lan with your friends or family



Easy to use. Welp that's that so happy it's here cause my phone doesnt support playstorr

All good but became much better when arcane series arrived

The Way Home


Overall game are good.
Have a little bit of challenge for solving story quest and fighting mobs.
Also good for killing time when you're bored. ☃️☃️

Guardians of Cloudia


Still new to this and actually liking the gameplay, the story looks interesting but I hope we get some VO language settings where we can pick which VO language we would like to use for the NPCs

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feeling good can't wait for the manga name that they'll give me, thank you so much for the report it's such a nostalgic feeling back when I first started using this app.
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