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Cover image by:@felutiahime
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I never expect games to ever really impress me but for this game to have been cancelled and revived to be worked on again; this is worse than Fanza/DMM games I've played..I'm not the type to really leave reviews unless I really like or really disike a game...

Graphics: What are these almost N64-like polygones?..[發困]
Sound: I mean, it's cutting and shooting sounds with generic JP phrases and typical BGM.
Gameplay: Worse of it all. I turned on my translator to make sure I wasn't somehow misinterpreting something. Low graphics Tower Defense. It forces you to team up with people to play.
Story: Generic
Value: instant drop..

Heaven Burns Red


Dailies playtime requirement:
Once you unlock the ability to use your "Life" it can be as short as a couple minutes if you just do "hangouts"; maybe 10mins if you do prism battles; and if you're crazy, you can do dungeons which cost 2 Life and can take like 15min alone. You have a maximum of 5 Life.

Top tier art, graphics and music. There isn't much to say about that since it's apparent in the available preview images and trailers.

Gameplay is mediocre; the usual rock-paper-scissors combat but the graphics and cute girls make it less of a chore.
I don't think the gacha aspect really weighs the game down too much, but power creep is definitely a thing, as it should be. The only minor-ly "broken"(not really) character I'm aware of is SS Tama since she can restore broken shields. However, even with that the game is still mostly F2P since there is no PvP i.e. no meta.
***There is Full Auto gameplay and farming is easy. You can literally run the game in your sleep. You clear whatever stage you want to farm in the Arena, turn on background play and then go to sleep/leave the app.***

Story is average as well but the selling point for me is the dialogue. I love that the entire cast has personality and love tsukkomi.

tl;dr: The game has potential to be great...but the controls actually kill the experience.

I really want to like and play this since I've play every Tales of~ installment since Symphonia on Gamecube. I wasn't expecting too much from story or gameplay and for the most part it's fine. It's a Tales of~ game. But the controls are so atrocious that it actually ruins the game. The buttons are too far apart that you have the know that a counter opportunity is coming up or you're likely to miss it. The "stick" is awkward and oversensitive that you move too much or accidentally hold or flick by just trying to move.
EN Dubbing is fine, though thankfully I can understand JP. Story will be predictale, it's a Tales of~ game but hey I still buy the newest ones with no complaint. UI is fine. Music and sound is great. It has potential. It would do the game well to pull a FF14 and shutdown to be reworked and then re-released.

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