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I like clouds!
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Nowhere House


It's probably because I have more experience with puzzle games, albeit, I did needed clues in certain puzzles, but I did managed to solve and see through the ending of the game.
So first off in the review will be:

Graphics. The artstyle was simplistic but it is enough to deliver the story, not to mention the animations, the comic book style of storytelling, down to the little spooks in the 1/3 parts of the game! It's perfect!
I also love the small switch of views and the designs of the objects in the game-- by utilizing the simplicity of the artstyle, they were able to bring out eye-catching designs on important objects.

The soundtracks fit the whimsical, thriller feel of the game, that you more or less feel on edge in the events of the game. I hate the jumpscare sfx because it does spook me at ominous parts or events of the game too. But because the sounds served its intended purpose, of course, it's a plus score.

So as for the gameplay-- the puzzles are supposed to be explored further in the game. They present lack of dialogue clues and more on the environmental observation in the game. If it weren't for my experience in puzzle games, I would've been stumped because of this game's difficulty. It requires you think outside the box and to utilize every little detail that catches the eye of the viewers and are present in the game environment.
You can also go ahead and watch ads for clues or watch playthroughs, but even so, you must still pay special attention to the details because the solutions are random. You have to try out every possible clues.

The storyline in the game is simple yet ominous, it comes with a clear background story, then vague patches of the recollection till you get to the reveal of the whole picture.

As for the ending, it's a vague ending, however I am gonna include my interpretation anyway. Adria, the character we are playing us has successfully escaped-- the fact that she sees it as an empty house that leads to nowhere makes me think that she has been released by the spell and can no longer be taken again. In the ending/epilogue in the game, we are playing as a different character, possibly encouraged by the story of Adria, and we are the ones who were lured instead and locked up-- because the house looks nothing like in the eyes of Adria and the character we're playing as.

Overall, it's a fun game that tests how inductive and deductive my solving skills are, but this is just my opinion and doesn't apply to everyone.

Magical Atelier


[EDIT: I downloaded this in PlayStore so it has English translations but I'm not sure with QooApp's app file]

This game is super cute and has so many customizations that I'm afraid I would get so lost in deciding what I would like to wear (also get lost in terms of sanity spent on the RNG system).

First off, the animation in this game is so bubbly and lively that it's just so amusing to see the characters move around! The chibi sprites are so cute, I love every little movements the MC does from crafting, interactions with NPCs, Players, and furnitures! And the character designs are so eye-catching. I also love the little album function in the game in some cutscenes and the animations too!

I appreciate the voice-acting done in this game! I find it a little funny how in the Villager Records, the characters are voiced in Korean but it's voiced in Japanese during the animation cutscenes.
The soundtracks are so relaxing and gives the vibe of a peaceful village. It sounds like a typical puzzle-kind of games that also includes home decoration system, although the game is never a puzzle game but more on the home-decor kind. Nevertheless, the comparison doesn't really affect what I feel about the soundtracks.

I liked how some of your choices (in Multiple Choices scenarios) affect the outcome of the story or at least the dialogue. I do agree the designs of the outfits are great but as always, the high-tiered items are much more stylish but it'll cause you half a year of luck to get one! The tutorials also offer good enough explanation to give you the ropes of the game's system.
There's also the Plaza with lots of fun stuff to do over there. There are some mini-games around there, you can also interact in objects and NPCs, and you can communicate with other players. It's one of those places where you can easily Follow high-leveled players in the game for some stages and what-not.

The storyline is simplistic but it explores a lot on the characters involved in the story and how one character is related to another! It's a nice little idea on how one place or person is related to numerous people.

Overall, I enjoyed the game save for my frustration over my luck. Something that slightly bothers me is the "lagging" of the game, like it pauses for random times before continuing after good 2 or 3 seconds. It might have been about my device's storage? But I'll just be adding this in my review in case someone has the same problems with an unlike reason as mine.

I've always wanted to play this game since I first saw this game back in 2014. It's been a really long time! So I downloaded this year and it was a bit confusing since there are a lot of controls, but this really reminded me of the kinds of old mobile games I used to play.
The game seems to be generous with all the monsters at first but it gets harder in every new stages (obviously). I don't know what I was expecting in the Quest Event arena but the later stages for "novices" seemed to be very VERY intimidating.
To be fair, it's been a few days since I started playing but, I am challenged in many ways in this game. I hope I get to have more free time to enjoy this!

GenEi AP: Empty Heart


This is a very relaxing, light-hearted, and cute game. The direction of the story is refreshing because it doesn't really entail a dark route or anything! It's a story of finding honesty for a friendship!
The game's puzzle was a bit tricky too! Especially with the last two disks, but I was able to solve it with the help of Harumaki Gohan's fans! If you ever found yourself stuck I got spoilers further in this review, so hop off those who don't want any of it. If your last two disks is for Bunny-holding Spica and August Spica-- head to Mikage's Home and choose Dream Time in the clock, without drinking coffee, three times. You will then enter the Dreamless Dream and there will be a disk for Bunny-holding Spica, and further the dream is a crying bunny that will give a Rainy sound. Play the Rainy sound in the Radio and check the Bucket of Fireworks, and there will be a disk for August Spica.

No prince needed


The game is short but has enjoyable levels. The level intensity was random so you don't know what to expect in every cleared stages. So far it's in Level 45, though I'm not sure if there will be new updates.
There are small coins in certain levels and I just learnt that you use those coins in the Shop, where you can change your princesses. Fortunately, they are sold in pretty cheap prices.

Overall, it's a fun pastime game in your phone that requires you to be creative and daring.

I have long been waiting for this game to have an English translation and finally it has come!
It did took me long to decide to write a review until Beanfest[耍帥]

A regular person having to wake up inside a coffin and having to chase around a cat with flaming ears, next thing, you learned you're stuck in Twisted Wonderland and has to go around the school surviving your new school life while being surrounded by powerful handsome men with issues-- ultimately becoming the underpaid overtime school therapist-student.
An oversimplified synopsis as to what this game is.
Sadly, you can only headcanon it as an Otome game since the design is a huge "clickbait" for a Rhythm game!
Did I regret it?
My phone storage does, but emotionally there's nothing to regret here!

As expected of Japanese Rhythm games and the fact that Disney is involved here, it's all safe to say that you'll be receiving enjoyable game design-- which then makes it seem like an Otome game all over again! (I'm sorry for repeating that)
For players that are artists, the game illustrations and sprites are more than enough to guide you especially the coloring and proportions. Above all, the characters are all unique not only in personality but in character expressions. There's also the animations that helped in the story narration especially when it's a 2D presentation and 2nd person POV.

As for the soundtracks, there's a lot of variations depending on the scene, events, and characters involved-- it's quite immersive. After having played the game and getting used to the soundtracks, the Last Song Syndrome in my brain will automatically play the "calm school life" OST whenever I'm just doing normal stuff.
It makes me wonder if I'm just vibing to the music for too long or I'm starting to go crazy?/j

Character interactions in the game is the most immersive, obviously. Not to mention about Yuu's personality is clearly a regular person but leans more towards the snarky and sarcastic side of humanity-- which makes it fun especially if you're someone who's less vocal of your opinions irl.
The game offers you choices but it merely triggers reactions from the characters and doesn't affect the story in any way, which makes your vocalization of opinions less heavy.
Well, going as far with all the students' behaviors in the story thus-- not only the characters but also the faceless extras-- as a normal person, we, the Yuu's, are the destined to become the mediators for this unstable powerful dudes. What a life~

Kuma Sushi Bar


As expected of HyperBeard games, it's a cute, aesthetic, and relaxing game molded into a restaurant managing system.
I really love the overall atmosphere of the game with the pastel color palettes, and artstyle. Though, decorating the whole restaurant does takes time and patience even with the use of ads, and you also need to watch ads to unlock new/locked decorations.

It's a cute, wholesome, and friendly story about forming a connection with others! I love how each of the endings is all about becoming friends with the other characters and the art is also pleasing to the eyes!
A friend of mine decided to stream this game in our chat and several of us stepped in to voice for the characters. It took longer than an hour to finish through an ending but it was worth the fun! The ending we came to finish together was Butterscotch's ending and it's a wholesome mentor-relationship. By far though, I really love Pastille's ending since aside from the strengthening of the bond between the two, the business was surely blooming to its fullest in my opinion!
Also the soundtrack is so relaxing, and it's also one of the reasons why we were lagging during the playthrough! Just taking a moment to appreciate this "bop" soundtracks!

The game allows you to customize your world and it only runs by itself. The progress of your world can be chaotic and peaceful depending on the laws that you allowed and how much you intervened into your characters lives.
It's also awesome when you can control a Crab Boss character and attack your own world. There's a lot of things to explore in this world. So far, I'm still new to how this game works, it would be really great though if they added a ravine environment or a floating island since having a floating island or living on the ocean floor while the ocean serves as your village worlds sounds epic!

It's a cute game of Among Us except that it's cute and caters to the idea of school life. You got the ordinary students that perform their daily activities to discover the secret treasure in the school which are the tasks, while the prefects, or spies planted by the teachers, sabotage the students from finding out. There's a lot of things to do as a student and also as a spy.
There are a lot of interesting modes to play in the game.

The artstyle and gameplay is overall cute, including the voice-acting and character animation. I also love the rule where duplicates of the same characters are set to be given a random student avatar to avoid confusion. The option of text only and voice mode is also a nice touch.

Revived Witch | English


I was curious with this Gacha game that pops in the ads several times so I gave it a try.

Graphics did not betray what was advertised, and it is unthinkable if I say that the ad itself "kinda" betrays the game itself. The Doll summoning system is gorgeous in its animation, the transition of the cutscenes from the gameplay, and ESPECIALLY the tutorial is stunning.
Character designs, as any Gacha games, did not fall short on their characters but it's great that the lower tiers don't suffer from "weaker = less flattering" design syndrome.

The OST is beautiful! It's very relaxing and gives a classical mysterious atmosphere

Revived Witch takes place in a fantasy story that has multiple parallel worlds, to which our protagonist is forst introduced into the Chronospace Realm. Our protagonist's goal is to restore her memory through the game stages and to destroy the source of distortion to save all the worlds as the successor to the Chronospace Protector role.

Lutie RPG Clicker


Right after entering the game, it stops loading at 80% and a message of Server Connection Error pops up, that will lead to closing the game.

For now, I'll rate as neutral until the game is fixed.



Roblox games are enjoyable and makes you lose track of time, for better or worse that is.
There's a variety of genre of games but the games can be boring, especially those with the purpose of role-playing. It hits hard and makes you lose patience especially if the other roleplayers will shove roles to you randomly when you're just wandering around the map and explore stuff.
The platform games can be fun as there are patterns of each stages and there's also the Tower of Hell that may or may not be the keeper of the name.
Horror games are vary in terms of enjoyability, but most popular ones in the genre are actually pretty good. The best horror games are usually the ones with a storyline imh.

In terms of their soundtracks, the sounds vary from creator to creator, but so far, it's mediocre.

The gameplay is simplistic and makes thing easy EXCEPT if a game was originally built for PC instead of Phone. Mobile-users like me would usually end up suffering in that spectrum.

Because Roblox is a large game, it's not free of glitches and certain bugs that makes gaming frustrating. The controls can also be weird as there are certain settings that don't really work.

Candies 'n Curses


Candies 'n Curses is a simple yet enjoyable game with great storyline and a variety of enemies.
It's repetitive at best but that's what makes things easy to play!

The pixels are very creative and very fluid. Games that uses pixelart are honestly epic as every pixel counts and one slight mistake in a sprite can ruin the whole picture. The stages are actually very interesting as well.

The sound effects is the whimsical, spooky kind, one that is often use on a horror genre aimed for or has child characters. It fits perfectly with the storyline of Molli, being some random girl, enter the mansion for a child game knowing the possible risks.

I like the run, jump and dodge mechanic of the game and they took that system into something very creative. It's also cute how you have different types of obtainable curses!

The story follows Molli Pop as she is dared to enter a haunted mansion in a game of Truth or Dare, and things went downhill once she enters the mansion.



The game's pretty enjoyable as a pastime, and it's pretty intriguing whenever the genie asks a question. It can be both frustrating and exciting when the results come, sometimes he gets it but if your character is something rare (particularly from a written or manga series) it can be frustrating and you have to either submit the character or vote for an existing request.
It's casual but also fun, not the most engaging, but it does makes you wrack-up your brain to give out the most accurate answer as possible that points to your character.

One thing that fascinates me the most was when I was looking for Swindler from Akudama Drive. She's not as popular as a character and her information could've been used on many other characters, Akinator particularly asked questions that are half-related to the anime but I'm still surprised that he got her!

FeeDog - Raising Puppies


This game is very simple and cute that it's really amazing how compelling this is. In terms of character variation, there's a several collectible characters that can be fused to the playable character which alters the pc's appearance.

-it's pretty simple, nothing too distracting but it's pretty comfortable to look.

-pretty simple and cute sound effects and soundtracks.

-you just have to tap when there's an inedible food so your dog can slap it away.

-there's no evident dialogue so I can only guess. Dogs live in harmony in the world, and one of their favorite foods to eat is a star fruit (a literal star) that grows in a shrub. Then we have the ghosts, they were not pleased with the dogs' benefits (being lovable living creatures), they wanted the dogs to suffer so they took away all the star fruit and began haunting the dogs.
That's when Lucky, our playable dog, comes in and saves the day by slapping the ghosts and their threats away.

Tales of Quests


I was thankful that a friend actually showed me his screenshot when he played this game, I got curious and this became easily as one of my favorite text-based games!

-The illustrations are pixelated but drawn with real care and atmosphere. It gives a beautiful impression of the portrayed scenery in the game, not to mention, there's a variety of player portrait to choose from!
I was pained when I was just starting my adventure and I was pitted into this event with a pitiful illustration and situation while the enemy is high up in the level-- it took me several restarts to get a Nat20 and easily kill a high-leveled monster.

-I like the SFX and the small ambience in the story which makes the sceneries more immersive!

-It's the classic text-based game but there's RNG in the actions you choose, the level of your stats, and the roll1-20 dice during the fight. Dialogues and outcomes change depending on the result of your RNG. A bit of a SPOILER but there's this one scenario where you have to have 11 Wisdom so you could have an additional option to progress through that scenario.

-The story involves different fantasy-story elements like dark fantasy creatures, adventure fantasy, guilds, and the political side of the fantasy realm! Yeppi's character is a surprise to me since I did not even expect for the game to involve THAT fantasy subgenre.

Not to mention, it's a F2P friendly and the currency for additional content just needs you to grind on watching ads[厲害]

Helix Waltz | English


Helix Waltz is a fashion-based narrative game and it's one of those games that actually applied several minigames related to it's genre to create a fun game system.
The attires are so cute and there's a plethora of them! The soundtrack matches the theme which I find myself immersed into the scenes of the story.
And, the tutorials are well done and I must say that the characters are very interesting-- I also love how reflective Magda is and I really look forward to her growth through the story!
The theme of the gameplay is to prepare your appearance to go to parties for nobility. A big piece of advice is to always wear an attire with the best Chic points on the party's theme so you could easily win the fashion battles.
The choice-based part of the game is in the main story, and is also present as a minigame during the parties. You try to win the favor of a certain character in order to unlock a feature where Magda gets to pry information out of the others in order to raise the Ellenstein Household back to the Senate.

Overall, this is a well-thought fashion-game, and I definitely enjoyed this.



It's basically the Mafia game but in a chatroom and a plethora of different roles ranging from the civil side, neutral side, and mafioso side.
I played this game about two years ago and the skins for the roles have increased and are beautiful! The artstyle is an aesthetic.
I can see that they have fixed the glitchy animation although moving through different tabs in the game still feels wonky.
I am an on-and-off player so even though I played this several times within about two years, I still can't get around the game system-- it's very confusing.
The sad part with the game is that many players have played in the ranked channel and the ones in the regular channel are kinda exclusive, not to mention the small population of active players in the game, makes it an unfriendly place for newbie players and players like me-- although this is a problem more on the players and not the app.

In anyways, the game is still enjoyable once you find the right channels and the amount of lies and insistence makes it hilarious but also engaging. It's pretty hard to lie about your role or uncovering other's role while hiding yours. If the players come into an agreement to let the mafioso win, whoever finds out the other's roles will snitch on them, or if they want to be converted into the cult side they would just try to find the mafioso and have the civilians converted! You can pretty much make a story just by playing with others!

This app helped me to acquire online friends and also allows me to stay updated in game-based servers. The bot system was a good part of the app, Carlbot particularly, is very helpful in monitoring when people mentioned your highlighted word.
There are also the RNG present in the app which allows for RNG-based roleplaying.
The channels and threads are also a good way of segregating topics, and keeping note-worthy ones from getting buried by later messages.
In a way, this app helped me to value my social relationships in irl more as I see that if I could get along with strangers, then I can easily deepen my bonds with others. But that's just me.

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